Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

Before I begin with the pictures, I MUST tell you about the night before. You see... this was supposed to be a fun evening of rehearsing and eating and later I had my "personal" shower with all my girls!

But, no, I got sick AT the rehearsal dinner. There was no alcohol as our family doesn't drink... so if you're thinking that is it... then no. I had been feeling weird all week and chalked it up to nerves... but I think I got a stomach bug. Something I ate that evening DID not sit well with me... and it hit me - FAST!

So... I was sick most of the evening (and morning) before (and of) my wedding :(

I missed my "personal" shower which I was SO bummed out about... they ended up giving me my "gifts" at the church... haha - that's probably the first time something like "that" has been in a church building. Oh well, I was trying hard all day to feel ok... I think I felt ok once the reception started... :( BOO! no good... but, I must say I still loved my day despite not feeling 100%

ok, now enough of THAT... on to some pics of me and my girls :)

My Matron of Honor Brittney (same as me) is bringing it to me :)
this one I just love - all the ladies helping me out... my mom in the background :)
looking at the camera :)
glossy glossy
this one looks like old hollywood (or something) to me
I was sitting in a FAB chair! :)

something must have been funny :)

I should have been holding my flowers lower... oh well :/

these are fun :)

lovely ladies :)

these were all our bouquets... the purple calla lillies were supposed to be MUCH darker... more like my mom's purple dress in these pictures (and the ones from my bridal pictures)... another thing that wasn't what I wanted on my flowers... but oh well! in my Matron of Honor's we added peonies...



I LOVE the pictures! And I am sorry to hear about your stomach that morning.


That sucks that you didn't feel good!!!

I love the pictures of you and your girls in the street! They turned out great!