Monday, July 13, 2009

The Not-So Formals :)

These are probably my absolute favs of our wedding day... this was right after the ceremony and formals and I truly realized at that moment that we were MARRIED! it was one of those surreal FANTASTIC moments and I will always remember these pictures!

So, it was raining and I didn't even know how much until after the ceremony... it was totally sunnny when I got my hair done... but being inside for a few hours... it started raining...

I didn't even care and these pictures are so worth it! I LOVE THESE!


D helping me cross the water :) too cute :)



I love the rain photos - you guys look too cute. :)


I hope you have a lot of wall space because you have a lot of pictures that are perfect wall hangers! I love the pics with the umbrella! Way to make it work with the rain!