Friday, September 25, 2009

I have to share...

with you this awesome website...

it's all about designer home decor looks, but a copy cat version that is MUCH cheaper!

go look, now!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brides - PLEASE don't do this!

Bride's always seem to complain about their fiance´ not wanting to help with wedding *stuff* (not all, just some)...

well, I think this guy had a lot of input!

click photo to see original source

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 months!

Happy Anniversary babe! I love you with all my heart. And although you are gone on business to Dallas this week... I can't wait until Friday when you come home! It's been lonely without you :/

These 4 months have been one AMAZING roller coaster ride. I think we've been through a lot so far in our 4 months :) - ha! But, I've LOVED IT! Getting married, going to Mexico, moving into my parents house... praying that you would get a job - and you DID! praying about apartments and homes and apartments and homes - and then FINDING ONE! Moving in and making the house our own!

I've loved EVERY second of it - the hard times and ALL the good!

Can't wait til you're home in my arms on FRIDAY!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paint Color

Ok, So, I might need some of you blogger peeps help regarding paint color for our bedroom

If you didn't see it in my last post (see below) here is our bedroom

The bedding set is a navy/slate blue...

I was thinking of this color:

from Behr

It's called "Silver Hill"
We were wanting a gray/blue slate color and I think this works


Should we paint just one wall? 2? all of them?

Originally I was thinking just the wall with the headboard... but Derik thinks "why? it's mostly covered up anyways and the headboard is already a statement..." So, then we were thinking the wall on the left when you walk in. It's a long wall that we plan on doing a photo frame collage on... but then I feel like painting it all - but Derik thinks it'll be too dark in our room then.

anyone have any suggestions!?

We (Derik) wanted to paint a red wall in our office as an accent wall... and I like that idea, but I've heard bad things about red. I know it doesn't "resell" well, and we can paint then, that's no problem... but I hear it takes a lot of coats and sometimes red doesn't turn out right from "paint card color" to "wall color"... So, here's where I need your help again...

Here's the room:

We want to paint the wall with the window... and disregard Derik - I have NO idea what he is doing - haha!

Here's the colors:

from Behr

I originally spotted "Ruby Ring"... but Derik want it to be true Texas Tech red... so he chose "Licorice Stick" but I just think it'll be way too vibrant and bright - like a fire truck ya know!?
So - what do you think...? the "California Poppy" is in between these two shades - I think it's a little pink though...

any comments and help will be appreciated! thanks!

Monday, September 21, 2009

THE bedroom furniture and DECORATING!!!

If you didn't get to see my crazy story about our bedroom furniture - go here!

But - as promised... here are photos of our bedroom furniture!
I should've taken pictures of us actually getting the furniture - but then, my camera would be DRENCHED!!!
yea, we had to get the furniture on the day when it RAINED THE MOST! It hasn't rained here LITERALLY since our wedding day - maybe once...
Texas (especially central TX) has been in the worst drought it's ever seen...
we would have to get it on that day.
Let's just say that it looked like that I had just jumped in a pool - fully clothed!
we were sopping wet!!

ok, here goes...

haha - laughable considering we were living out of suitcases... on a double bed (which we've been sleeping on since we got married, at my parents house and now here) with a measly blanket - haha!

now this...
AFTER (with a little more work to come - ie paint)
It is HUGE!
I seem to have some weird spots on my camera :/

Also that Saturday, I had my dad and brother (along with his friend) over for waffles :) we used our waffle maker that a wonderful friend gave us - thanks Court!!! they were really yummy. My dad helped us take apart our toilet (so I could finished painting the bathroom - behind the toilet) and he helped us replace our kitchen faucet. The faucet we did have only sprayed like half-power of what it should've. It took FOREVER to fill up a bucket to mop. Now, the one we have is prettier and works great!

this is the FIRST meal that I have been able to cook for my husband, and to cook in my very first and very own kitchen :) It was so fun and I can't wait for the many more meals to come...
Chicken Parmigiana :)


Also, we had taken a few things back to Kohl's for store credit (and also had a gift card left from a wedding present)
Well, I saw an ad in a paper saying that this past Saturday was "early bird special" So, I convinced Derik to go that morning and he was ALL for it - I was impressed :)

We got a GREAT deal on some of these items!
Everything was 40% off OR MORE!

Here are the additions to the living room :)
These are actually supposed to be hung vertically, but we did our HGTV thing and hung them however we wanted - which was horizontal :) They are these metal wall art hangings - 55% off!!!

We also got a coffee table centerpiece (well any table centerpiece - we chose to put it there) and it's a tray with candles on it - 50% off!!!

I also need to add that we put a gorgeous clock in the kitchen leading into our bedroom... but I don't have a pic of that either. gorgeous clock - 40% off!!!

We also needed to get a blender and found one for $24.99 - I used it the other day and I like it a lot! :)

Derik was gone for Football practice and I had some fun decorating... he was so proud of what I did and very impressed! he said I should be an interior designer - ha!

I already had all of these things stored in my closet at my parent's home... but I unpacked them and put them on the window sill. (and I've since changed it around some)

Here's what I did in our bathroom (notice it is FINALLY all painted!)
PRETTY! :) and I already had all of these items as well!

After all that I did Sunday evening... Derik wanted to have some fun and put up my collection of crosses... man, I didn't know I had that many!

I like I like :0
Here is our "M" that I bought last summer after we were engaged... I loved it and always was waiting to FINALLY put it in the place we live - well, here it is :) (I put these up Sunday afternoon too)

YAY for decorating...
Lots has been going on, but it's been SO fun!
next post will be about a possible bedroom color, and I need your opinion on it! k!? k.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Show us Your Life: Dinner Recipes

Here is another "Show us Your Life" from Kelly's Korner

This week is all about Dinner Recipes - I'm looking forward to this, because I need to learn some :)

Here's one that's SO simple, but it's a great type of Fall meal and GREAT to watch Football with :) Which we will be doing tomorrow. I actually bought the ingredients this evening - ha!

Taco Soup

1 lb. Ground Beef (or I guess you could use Ground Turkey)
1 can Diced Tomatoes
2 can Rotel
1 can Ranch Style Beans
1 can Pinto Beans
1 can Corn (optional - I usually don't add corn)
1 pack of Taco Seasoning Mix
1 pack of Ranch Dip Mix (dry mix)
grated cheese
tortilla chips (I use TOSTITOS SCOOP! chips for maximum "scoop")

1. Brown the beef in large pot, once browned - drain beef and then add in Taco Seasoning Mix and blend into beef.
2. add in ALL other ingredients (juices and all) and stir and simmer until hot.
3. Serve with Tortilla Chips and top with cheese.

TA-DA - so so simple and really yummy :)

hope you enjoy :)

and just for fun here's a little dessert :)

Fruit Pizza

18 ounce package sugar cookie dough
8 ounce cream cheese package
8 ounce cool whip (thawed)
FRUIT (any kind you like)

1. Flatten dough into pizza shape on cooking sheet (pizza pan) and bake with cookie instructions. (makes a big cookie essentially)
2. Mix cream cheese and cool whip into bowl.
3. Once cookie is cooled, spread mixture onto cookie pizza.
4. pick ANY fruits you want and place in circles going into pizza.
**example: outer pizza circle strawberries, then peaches, then pineapples... then kiwi... etc.
5. Cut into "pizza slices" and serve!


Can't wait to see what everyone else does :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Office - and "PUMPing that iron!"

In honor of tonight's new OFFICE - watch this...

I kind of want to have my own bobble-head now - haha!

Also, I have a funny story to share:

I went to visit my Mom at her work for lunch today. She works at the high school that my brothers WENT too - they are both in college now. My youngest just started as a freshman and played football while in high school. Well, he's really "tight" with the football coaches at the school still. So, they let him come use the gym's weight equipment anytime he wants. Lucky guy :) haha - Coaches love him (and spoil him) :)

Well anyways, I'm eating lunch with mom and leave her office to head to work. I work 1:30p-10p (I know weird hours)... And while I'm walking out this teacher said - "HEY! where are you going, let me see your student id..."

Now, I get this ALL the time. The ladies at the front desk try and get me in trouble for bringing in outside food - people think I'm a student when I go visit my mom... but - I knew this teacher and they were just messing with me. So... in return I said "haha, I'm not a student here".

There were seniors with the teacher selling senior t-shirts, and this is what happened:
(and I hope you can hear senior girl#1's voice :))

senior girl #1: "oh giiirrrll, so you don't go to school here?"

me: "haha, no, I've been out of high school for QUITE a while now, why don't you guess my age" (because I seriously get this every time I go to that school!)

senior girl #1: "no, really how old are you??!"

me: "well you have to guess"

senior girl #1: "no, that's ok" (did she not want to upset me? how old did she think I was??)

me: "well, I'm 25"

senior girl #1: "oh wow, you're 25!??" (I don't know what she meant by this, good or bad?)

***this whole time there's another convo going on***

teacher: "guess whose daughter this is?"

senior girl #2: "whose?" (looks at me and back at the teacher)

teacher: "Mrs. ___'s daughter!"

senior girl #2: "oh my gosh yea!"

me: "yea, everyone says we look alike"

senior girl #2: "yea you do!"

***chiming in***
senior girl #1: "ooOOoo, so you're Alan's [my bro] sister!? Alan's your brother?!"

me: "haha yes, I guess you know him?"

senior girl #1: "ooOOoo yea girl, I saw him yesterday in the weight room - ooOOoo, he was pumping some iron!!" (all while she makes a bench press motion)

me: "haha, ok, so do you like him or something" (I was just seeing if she'd get shy...)

senior girl#1: "ooOOoo yea girl, he was PUMPing that iron" (haha oh my)

me: "ok, well I'll have to tell him you saw him, but I don't know your name" (thinking she wouldn't give it to me anyways...)

senior girl #1: "haha ooOOoo yea, tell him I'm Cameron and that I saw him in the weight room gettin' his work-out ON!"

me: "haha, alright I will"

***I walk out the door and I just immediately burst into laughter... this girl had no shame in "liking" my brother... she told me flat out she liked him, flat out what her name was, and flat out said ooOOoo like everytime she spoke - haha!

So, I tell my mom this story and she says:

mom: "Brittney, you can't tell him this!"

me: "Why not!? haha!"

mom: "Because!!!"

me: "Cause, he'll get a big head!?"

mom: "YES!"

haha... oh little brother of mine! haha! I couldn't help but share :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ideas for a Bride

I just think these are such awesome ideas from these brides...

I read on BSB's Blog about Bryan and Katy's wedding (which looks amazing)

She shared with readers the song that her and her Dad walked down the aisle too. What a GREAT pick!

Beautiful - romantic - emotional... it's from the movie "The Notebook" (I'm sure you've heard of it :) ) and it's called "Main Title"

If any of you brides are contemplating a song - this is a good one :) even better - she had a harpist play it!
Another goodie I found:

The Key to Love

The key to love is understanding ...
The ability to comprehend not only the spoken word,
but those unspoken gestures,
the little things that say so much by themselves.

The key to love is forgiveness ....
to accept each others faults and pardon mistakes,
without forgetting, but with remembering
what you learn from them.

The key to love is inside us all ...
It takes time and patience to unlock all the ingredients
that will take you to its threshold;
it is the continual learning process that demands a lot of work ... but the rewards are more than worth the effort ...
and that is the key to love.


It's a poem that another bride had her father and (future) father-in-law read during the ceremony... so great!

Man - all these great ideas :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser

Oh my gosh - I'm watching biggest loser right now... and it's a tear jerk-er this year...

I love this show and can't wait to see how everyone does!

*** Makes me feel the need to work out too!! ***

Monday, September 14, 2009

We now have a bedroom set

the drama that I spoke about is now over - or so we hope.

and now we have a bedroom set - not my absolute favorite, but it is very nice.

Just wish I could have picked it out myself, or I wish it was smaller, a Queen - it's a humongous king!

Pictures to come soon...

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok - so, this is long, but I will be brief... cause I almost don't want to talk about it at all! - ha!

Well, I am very grateful for D's parents in offering to buy us a bed set. Because the bed set they found (through a co-worker) is a very good deal. I won't say no to that.

But, it's not really my style of bed... I would rather something else... I'm sure it'll look just fine, but I haven't even seen it at all!

So, the drama of it all is this:

The person they are buying it from is going through a bad divorce. She just wanted quick money and really, she just didn't want the bedroom set anymore.

If we had closed on our actual first closing date (Aug 26th) then we could've come and got the furniture that evening. The lady had been holding it in her house (which she's trying to sell) as "filler" furniture. It would've been no problem.

But, since we closed almost a week later... we didn't get it that week.

Well, her husband had no idea that she had sold it... but, well, he randomly came in to get it last weekend and so, now....... he has our bedroom set.

The lady found out what he did and told D's parents... and ever since then it has been DRAMA! the husband didn't want to give it up... so we were going to go look for other furniture (which I would have rather done) But, it would cost more... which D didn't like...

well after his parents talked to lawyers (yes, it went that far) he is now giving it up (after LOTS of talking) and letting D's parents get what they actually paid for...

So, tomorrow, they will be going to get the furniture. I already told D that I wasn't going to get involved and that I would not be going...

Ugh! I hate this kind of stuff - it would've been so much easier in the beginning if we were just able to pick out our own furniture!!!

Thanks for listening to my frustration!

IF (cause I don't know what will happen tomorrow) we get the bedroom set... I'll post pics of it next week...

I hope I like it :/
especially after all this frustration and DraMa!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving - in pictures :)

Ok, here's the OVERLOAD of pictures from events of this past week

I was at work at this time :( but as you can tell, it was REALLY dark when they moved all of D's college-stuff-from-storage into the house.
Here's my dad and bro
2 of D's Uncles
D and another one of his uncles (his dad is one of 5 brothers) and my brother in the doorway

(I don't think I took any pictures Tuesday/Wednesday... :/ oh well)
This is the first morning to wake up in our room. Bathroom through the doorway to the right.
(we're still waiting on bedroom furniture... but that's a WHOLE other post in itself - can we say DRAMA!?)
our big walk-in closet
Our bathroom - pardon the mess on the counter :)
The kitchen... going out towards the backyard
Ok... this isn't even all the trash... the next day, Friday, I unpacked more things from boxes... the pile of trash ended up going in front of our stove! and there's more around the other side of the fridge!!!
The other view... going into the living room
the living room (with all our laundry and more boxes) the passthrough is the kitchen :)
Our backyard, with a shed. They left us some yard items... but, I think we'll be taking them down :0

our MAJOR overhaul of trash!
and that's all compacted with boxes inside boxes... it was a lot!
and I was VERY tired!

our living room all CLEAN!
I got the rug for my birthday this year :)
the other half of the living room. The door goes to the garage, and it's in a hallway with guest bedroom/bath on left and our office on right (on the other side of the love seat wall)
Align Center
D in our office
guest bathroom - a-la Texas Tech for D :)
We put the curtain up that day.
our Kitchen, somewhat together... still a few boxes for other things we need to move
the door to the right is the back door...
cleaner :)
our REALLY tall bushes!
The one on the left, leading up to the front door, was the one that someone could so hide behind. It was kind of scary at night...
D figuring it all out :)
Mom came to help - thanks Mom!

I took this one this morning... because I forgot on Saturday... but LOOK - we can see our house :)

We had a basketball goal on the far left fence (close to the shed) I didn't want it, and it was kind of put in badly, it would sag/lean over... so, my brother (the he-man he is) decided he'd take care of it... haha
so, they pulled it out... and D came to help celebrate :)
hahaha oh my!

MONDAY (Labor Day):
here we are starting to paint...

Mom starting the baseboards
ta da!!! my brother and dad came to help finish... it looks so good "Toasted Wheat"
haha - if you haven't already guessed... my brother's a ham...
all finished... (with the living room that is :) )

Dad and Mom on Dad's B-day dinner :)
haha, this was right after we all said YEE-HAW!

Here's the bday YEE-HAW... sorry it's kind of dark :/

here's what I did in the bathroom... before I left for work.
(it's kind of hard to tell... but it's "Rainwashed Blue" now :) )

still lots to do, but oh so fun!