Monday, July 6, 2009

The Boys :)

Here are all the boys on the wedding day...

My handsome handsome hubby :)
His bout
look at these fellas :) the 2 on the edges are my brothers :)
LOVE this one of him - oww oww. So GQ haha!

looks like a boy band :)

they were cracking up - there's a series of them just laughing and laughing... this is my fav of D :)

A little sneak peek...

We did not see each other until the walk down the aisle... but my photographer let us have a "special" kind of sneak peek :)

I was SO nervous at this moment... I started tearing up REALIZING that THIS was OUR DAY!!!
We couldn't see each other, but just knowing that my soon to be hubby was just around the corner holding my hand was an AMAZING feeling :)

A little side note... my dad was RIGHT in front of D giving him the "business" he was saying "alright D, I'm watching you" haha :) just so he wouldn't look at me... I knew he wouldn't...



Hey girl! Your pictures are AWESOME.. I hope ours are that great! Yes, Alfredo Angelo SUCKS! I will tell everyone DO NOT GO THERE!

I was going to ask you.. I have a big fancy camera but I dont know much about it. Any good tips? Wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to work it! I LOVE to take pictures but I'm just NOT very good :(


Girl.. I have the same camera.. So now I know its the operator that cant use it no the camera! lol!!! I cant not wait to take some pictures on vacation! Just wish I could take REALLY good ones :)



I like the no-look first-look :)

A Wedding Story

I just posted a picture like that before the ceremony too! I couldn't even talk to him I was so choked up. Love it!