Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year of 2009

Oh my gosh WOW!

Is 2009 really really over!? it FLEW by! SERIOUSLY!

I was so excited for this year to start... SOO excited! And now it's already over!?

This year is very special to me. This is the year that I married my wonderful husband. We were married May 23, 2009!! I have loved everything about marriage. I love being a wife to my husband! What a JOY! What an amazing day that was! One I will cherish always!

We also bought our very first house and have begun making it a home. We love it!

I also had many many sessions and many many new events happen with my photography as well.

Take a look at 2009:

- Assisted in my first wedding
- Photographed 7 2009 Seniors
- Photographed 2 2010 Seniors
- Photographed my FIRST Wedding
- Booked a 2nd Wedding
- Photographed my first Engagement Session
- Photographed 3 Families
- Created many designs and logos... too many to count!
- WON a customized website which will be up and running hopefully before mid-spring! I'll let you know when it's up and running! :)

Thank you guys so much for supporting me! Thanks for reading my blog! It's been amazing to connect with some of you ladies!

It's been an amazing ride and I am so looking forward to what the next year brings :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am EXHAUSTED!!! seriously!

Derik and I counted them up... we had a total of 7 Christmases!!! is that even possible!?

Count 'em:

Christmas Eve Eve (or some say *Christmas Adam* :) haha) we went to Derik's family's and stayed the evening for Christmas. (1)

Christmas Eve we went to his Meme's from about 3pm-10pm and then made our way to my Aunt's at around 10:30pm and did not get to my parents house until 12am or after. (2)

Christmas Day we woke up around 7am and had Christmas with my parents and then made a bunch of lunch goodies and made our way to my Grandparents (Mom's side) around noon and then my other Grandparent's (Dad's side) around 5pm and got home around 10pm. (3)

Christmas Day After I started feeling bad... but we went to Derik's Mom's side of the family for that Christmas. 4pm-10pm and I was wiped!!! (1)


And because of all the craziness of the "said" 7 Christmases, I got sick! like terribly sick! I started feeling bad Saturday afternoon... Sunday was terrible, and Monday was even worse... I started to feel better later Monday evening. And, here it is Tuesday, back at work :/ ugh!

I do feel a lot better, if I didn't I wouldn't have come to work at all. But, I did, because I feel up to it. It's hard for my boss to find someone to cover my shift, so sometimes it's just easier coming in. But all in all - MUCH better from yesterday.

Lets just say it went from sore throat, to terrible headache + sore throat, to terrible headache + sore throat + congestion, to all of the above and throw on a little stomach virus! ugh! terrible!

Anyways... I'm glad to be back to my old self... I can't believe 2010 is just 3 days away! 2009 FLEW by - such a fun year but it went by too fast for my taste :)

What will 2010 hold for the Melton's?? :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally... Christmas

So I finally was able to take pictures of all of our Christmas decorations and our VERY first Christmas. AND Santa came a little early this year and gave us some cool things called Iphones :)

Which is what I used to take all these photos AND to write this post with too!!!! ENJOY!

O Christmas tree o Christmas tree, how lovely are your brrraaannnches :)

I was so excited for our tree. It is decorated in "my" green and coppers and golds and browns. Never thought I'd choose that but I love it!!! Can we keep it up all year long??

Newlywed stockings :) and do you see my snow friends down there? They were a present from my mother-in-law last Christmas

Another friend I got from Kohls with some wedding money. He was on sale so I had to get him!

We also made Derik a special tree specifically decorated TECH. What else of course :)

It even has various photos of us from the games while he was in school - FUN!

And we can't forget our outside lights :) we actually put these up the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving because we were oh so excited about CHRISTMAS!!!

And ladies, I'm proud to say we are FINISHED with our Christmas shopping!! Well you know except for those various odds and ends :)

Are you as excited as I am?? I LOVE Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hp touchsmart 600 giveaway


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check it out!!! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I promise to post some photos of all our Christmas decorations - it's just been getting really hectic!

BUT I did manage to order some Christmas Cards!!! What do you think!?
I'll post a photo of the actually card in hand when it comes in - it should be this week!

I can't believe it's already Christmas! AND our FIRST Christmas at that!