Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The finale...

If you've gone with me all the way through our wedding photos - AWESOME! I'm so glad that you've journeyed with me. Of course, the "journey" is far from over.... I mean, a marriage STARTS at the wedding, not ends. So, even though I'm sad that the wedding is over, because it was of course the best day ever, I have so many great things ahead of myself (ahead of ourselves).

Starting with D getting an awesome job in June, starting in July, and us moving into a HOUSE in less than a month... God is amazing! I'm so thankful to all my readers, because I've truly loved blogging. I'm not stopping. Maybe just changing. I doubt there will be anymore wedding posts (unless I just really want to, or if it's for Kelly's Korner :) )

BUT - I can't wait to share with you all about our HOUSE - soon and very soon... maybe by the end of this week, I'll post something :)

Enjoy the last few :)

The bouquet toss:

those girls let it fall to the GROUND!
but here is the lucky girl who picked it up :)
Hubs :) tee hee - here he is about to slingshot the garter to the few single men :)
and THEY let it fall to the ground. It did make a quick stop at DJ's head... haha, so he's the one who picked it up!
Here we are...
of course... DJ needed to wear it and look manly
We debated on whether to change clothes and then do our last dance, but how can you not keep wearing your DRESS!?? I had to dance our last dance in it. Then we made a quick change and made our way the car for our WEDDING NIGHT! :)
My brother threw some petals that weren't quite off the bud (it was actually a small rose bud still) and it pelted D in the head - haha!
he's looking to see who it was - haha! :)
My brother wrote something on the car that I didn't care for... leave a comment or message me if you'd like to find out. oh my - haha!
YAYA! oh my gosh we're really married and leaving on our HONEYMOON!
MEXICO here we come!


Courtney Moore

LOVEEEEE this post and I'm cracking up at the pic of your DM looking at your bros after they pelted him with the little rose petal bullets! HAHA! Love you friend! You were a beautiful bride and i'm so sad we had to miss it!!!!!