Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Down the Aisle :)

We'll start out with the little attendants (who did great, and were pretty funny).

Here they are waiting outside ready to walk down the aisle :)

Ring Bearer #1 - he held our bible :)
Ring Bearer #2 - Holding our ring pillow that we won :) He played with those ribbons the WHOLE time :) you'll see :)
Flower girl - she did good, you'll see :)
last minute touches with mom before the aisle :)
D walking his mom down. He looks nervous :)

Went and lit the unity candle... her lighter didn't work, so someone in the crowd brought her one... oh well, I had NO clue until we got back from the honeymoon :) haha!
My mom and 2 younger brothers... they look kind of nervous too :)

My mom's lighter worked... D's mom said she gave her a bad one - haha!
J - My now sister-in-law
S - long time friend from high school and church youth group :)
Jo - wonderful college friend who's in MONTANA!
B - my Matron of Honor... oh how I miss her. I'm in Austin and she's in Houston...
Silly Ring/Bible Bearers... see that ribbon :)
She TOSSED the flowers... we looked at the video and it was so funny... she was SERIOUS about her job!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this of me and my dad :)

I will never forget the moments before the doors were opened... My dad said "Brittney, we are so proud of you and D... we will always be there for you. I want you to know that. (pause) This is your day and your time, so we're going to go as SLOW as you want. Take your time, this is your moment"

OH MY GOSH... I could have cried. But, I didn't want to have a ugly cry face walking down the aisle. I had the hugest lump and was keeping back tears. I teared a little seeing my future hubby --->
SO SO happy!

Kissing the Bride away
Here we are :)

Up next - the ceremony itself :)


Jessica @ budgetsavvybride

people always tell me how young my dad looks but your dad looks very young as well! so sweet that he told you to 'go slow as you want'! :)


Pictures are AWESOME girl!!! Those pictures are really making me VERY excited!!!


I'm loving the recaps.

Keep 'em coming!
Keep 'em coming!