Friday, July 10, 2009

The Formals

Here are the Formals that followed our Ceremony.

Us with Bro. Steve our minister
My Parents, me and D
My Parents, me and D, and my brothers
My whole family including grandparents and D
Mine and D's parents
D's parents and us
All my new in-laws... D's sister and parents and us

I forgot to add Derik's grandparents... oh gees...
our little attendants... silly little guys
us with our bridal party :)
oww oww
D, me and my cousins (honor attendants)
They are the ones that kind of "set us up"
the ushers and their "coolness" :)
just us :)

up next what I call "B & D TIME" :) :)
it'll be all us before heading to the receptions... some of my VERY favorites from the day! :)