Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, my hubby has been gone. He went on a training trip with his work - which I forgot to announce that he got a JOB!!!! he has been seriously working at finding a job since December (when he graduated) - so for that I am DEFINITELY thankful, just not about him being gone.

We can definitely do the distance and apart time. We lived about 6 hours away from each other all through our dating relationship and about half or more of our engaged relationship. But, it's a little different now that we are living together and actually MARRIED... it was so very very weird not having him in the bed next to me last night. And it will feel very weird tonight. BUT - he's coming home tomorrow :)

So, in celebration of that fact... here are some more pics :)

this picture is just dreamy to me :)
silly little ring bearers... and that ribbon again :)

smiling :)
we just exchanged rings I think :)
unity candle...
Derik actually got wax on him - whoops... it was kind of funny, I had to help wipe it off discreetly :)
during the unity candle we also had a song played... it was long (and we planned it that way) but we decided to just talk about our day during it - something was funny. This is one of the many reasons I love him... look at him laugh :)

Here is our song that we had played...

Man and wife... my mom blew us a kiss :) I will always remember that moment!
Here we are in the back room waiting for the guests to leave to the reception so we can take pics... Derik with his parents...
and me with my family... look at my mom dad and brother :) BIG SMILE when I see this picture!

up next - the after ceremony pictures :)



I love that song Brittney! It's awesome!

I'm loving all these pics!


Your pictures turned out so beautiful! I know I keep saying this but it is true! Congrats to your hubby on the new job!