Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let them eat Cake!

Or really, a more appropriate title would be, the many faces of D & B :) ha!

My Matron of Honor :) B
here come the faces :) haha!
Best Man :) also B
Dad :)

another face - haha!
His speech was soo good... it was funny and emotional. He even kidded with Derik that if he didn't "treat me right" that he had 2 brothers - who then (the brothers) stood up and yelled... yeah, we got your back T

and this is what happened after :0 haha!

my B-E-A-UTIFUL cake... with my pretty "M" font cake topper that carried throughout the wedding :)

little bride and groom strawberries :)

D's cake
D with his cake... and our little bride/groom strawberries... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of him, his smile is so big and it's SO him!
excuse the uh, you know :P
Unfortunately I still wasn't feeling well... so, the cake wasn't as good as it could've been... dangit! we froze the top layer, but we'll see how good it tastes in a year :/

kiss :*

that one was a little messier... but no smashing... I didn't want him to haha! but, I wouldn't have been mad if he hadn't... my mom might have though :)
my lovely mom and dad
and my new in-laws :)

next will be the father/daughter dance and the mother/son dance...
ANDDDD I'll talk more about our exciting adventure of getting a HOUSE! We'll probably be in it before August ends - SA-WEET! :)