Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of '08

I cannot believe that today is the last day of 2008. WHERE has the time gone?

It really is out of this world for me to say that TOMORROW is the start of the year that we will marry! Is that CRAZY or what! I cannot believe it!

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited for this new chapter... 2009 will bring many great things and many wonderful memories.

aliedwards design blog is doing something awesome:

#1 she makes a word for every year. You know how you make a resolution to diet, work out more, buy shoes once a month :) haha... etc. Well, she has a one little word for the year. I think it's awesome and a great reminder.

#2 she's giving away "one word" gifts
"A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow."
How you will begin to think about this year in "one word". It'd be fun to join in on this one little word, wouldn't it?
My one word for 2009: SIMPLICITY says: simplicity is the "absence of complication", it is also "clearness" & "easiness"

So many times I make things WAY harder then they should be. I think about things too much, or I look into things WAY too much. This year, I am going to calm myself :) and just be simple. No complications, no reasons to worry... just "to be"
Would you join me on the word of the year?

Brittney *Melton*

Monday, December 29, 2008

Long Time No Post

ok, so it's been quite a while since my last post. Over a week now!

So, I thought I'd update y'all with what's been going on.

- Since I won 50% off my very own *custom* invitations from Jaime Kae Paper Studio, I was able to discuss with her over the phone what I'd like. She sent me some sneak peeks today... :)
- Christmas was great! I had the whole week off and I so wish I had more!
- That was my LAST "single" Christmas - as pointed out by Britt
- I'm pretty sure Derik liked his gift :)
- Me and Derik were able to go on a date... our first in a LONG time! Probably our first *alone* date since this summer!!!!
- My mom ordered her dress this weekend for the wedding :) I hope she likes it... she chose purple to go with the colors and I hope it's the right color :) We're pretty certain...
- We *chose*, but have not ordered, the flower girl's dress. It has a ribbon around the waist and I chose for it to be purple. I think it'll be adorable!
- We looked at wedding shoes and still have yet to find me one that is comfortable and cute... I would LOVE peep toe-d shoes!
- I'm on my own these next few days as my parents are in FW with my brother for his b-ball tourney... my other brother is sponsoring the church new year's retreat in B-wood.
- I made a list of the *little* things we have to order/buy for the wedding...
  • cake topper (i need to still call the cake lady about sizes)
  • guest book
  • ring bearer pillow (which my mema might make)
  • flower girl basket
  • save the dates - which I'm TRYING to wait until the end of the week to order. I've entered into a contest to win some... so, just crossing my fingers :)
  • I won custom garters for my wedding, so I need to email her about what i'd like... what do you think? more traditional - ivory/blue (something blue) or should I get something Tech?
- I know these things are a little early... but they're things I need to get done.
- We're 145 days away :)
- Need to go look at tux/suit attire for the guys here in the next month or 2.
- I am beyond words that it is in the 4 MONTHS range... less than 5 is CRAZY to me :)
- Another thing that I am going crazy about... we have 3 days until it is officially 2009- officially the YEAR Derik and I will marry :)
- I'm about to go eat dinner. :) don't know where... :)


Brittney *Melton*

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I was tagged by Joanna!!!
So the object of this Picture Tag is to:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

Where do I even begin with this photo. This was the VERY first photo taken on the day I got engaged. If you don't know my story... go here. But, I was helping out his sister (or at least I thought I was, she was actually helping out me) I really like this and it takes me back to that very special day :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know I have posted like 3 TIMES today! BUT... help me figure out which save the dates you like the best... Vote in the poll below!

also... make sure to go see Derik's Graduation pics!!!

be sure to comment on why you chose the one you did! :)

Brittney *Melton*


I love this pic!!!
I thought this one was so cute... this is his little cousin :)
look at his "guns-up"

Brittney *Melton*


My meme... things about me...

8 TV Shows I Watch:
1) One Tree Hill
2) Jon & Kate + 8 :)
3) The OFFICE!!!
4) America's Next Top Model/Project Runway - they're similar right?
5) Friends
6) Biggest Loser
7) Heroes :)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1) Olive Garden - YES!
2) Pei Wei
3) Pappadeaux's
4) Subway
5) Freebirds
6) McAllister's - sweet tea, yes indeed!
7) Red Lobster - amen cheese biscuits!
8) Chik-Fil-A

8 Things that Happened to Me Today:
1) Where do I start! Woke up to find out that my 11:30am Dermatologist appointment was now 11am (I was wrong)
2) Therefore, all I had planned to do earlier in the day was not done
3) Bought 2 copies of Mamma Mia! for my mom and her friend... I myself have never seen it.
4) Driving to a shopping center and passed a "planned pregnancy" center that was being swiped by a BOMB SQUAD!!!! It was frightening to say the least... the guy was in green and had a gas mask on and EVERYTHING! crazy!
5) Went to Victoria Secret (buy one get one 50% off bras) and just made myself depressed
6) Picked up some Taco Cabana and came to work early to eat in the break room
7) Sitting right now typing this out
8) GOING TO - create our save the dates this evening :) YAY!

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1) May 23, 2009
2) Christmas week... I have it totally off this year!
3) giving Derik his present :)
4) Having my first Wedding Shower
5) May 24, 2009 - on our way to Riviera Maya :)
6) Getting my photography business up and running
7) Getting a super cool portrait lens that costs an arm and a leg... someday though!
8) Seeing Alan - my youngest brother - graduate HIGH SCHOOL (Oh my!) and go to UT next fall!

8 Things I Wish For:
1) To be doing something I love
2) For Derik a wonderful crazy good job!
3) For a peaceful fun-filled year
4) To weigh 10 lbs. less - haha
5) For snow!
6) For Derik a new car/truck - he needs one badly
7) That I could be back in the Dorm Lobby with all my wonderful friends/or just be together! :)
8) To live closer to friends and to maybe move closer to friends once married

8 People I Tag:
1) Brittney
2) Joanna
3) Steph-a-ronie
4) Liz
8) Whoever wants to!
Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Again... :)

So, I won again...

oh and how cool is this... Santa blogs!!!

and another fun tidbit: go to (really fun/funny)

Brittney *Melton*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ummm... so yea, I won!

check this out ladies...

I get 50% off my invitations!

Brittney *Melton*

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here they are ladies... There are probably too many :) but it was hard to choose... these are some you may not have seen.

Do you have some favs?

Brittney *Melton*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Questionnare

***just letting you know this was written a couple of days ago... but I'm just now posting it. So, no, it did not snow in Austin last night, but, the night before :)***

1. Fresh Tree or Fake Tree
Fake tree... I'd like to maybe try the whole Real/Fresh Tree thing when I'm married next year :)

2. Favorite Ornament
Not sure... we haven't decorated ours yet :( Things have been really busy. But, I think there's this one with an upside down heart as the face of a reindeer. It's cute :) here he is...
3. Favorite Christmas Song
Charlie Brown Music always gets me smiling :)

4. Favorite Tradition
Fav Present-Day tradition: EVERY Christmas that Derik and I have been together... Christmas Eve Eve (that's right the night BEFORE Christmas Eve) we open presents with his family. Then, the next morning we go to his Meme's house and hang with all the aunts/uncles/cousins. Derik stays and sleeps on the couch and has Christmas Eve hot chocolate with us. Christmas Morning we open my family's presents and start cooking for my Mema's house. We go there and then to my Granny's that evening. It's like 3 FULL days of Christmas!

Fav Past tradition: My dad would wake us up, my brother's and I couldn't leave our hallway until we were all lined up (because Santa wanted us to see the presents all together) While we were lining up, my dad was video taping us. We'd run out and see what Santa left for us and dad caught our expressions :) That would be fun to see now :)

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received
I'd have to say that my favorite recent gift would be my ipod (I know I know, I'm a techy) I wasn't expecting it, and I kept saying "are you serious, are you serious" :) That was about 5 years ago. Another: Derik gave me a ruby ring (my birthstone) My other is my coach purse Derik got me last year :) My favorite gift from childhood... I remember getting a dollhouse that I played a LOT.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal
Of course both Derik's Meme's cooking, and my Mema's cooking... :)

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie
We made cookies for Santa and put them on our special plate. I remember getting to eat some before we put them on his plate :)

8. Favorite Place To Be
With Derik, with Family

9. Favorite Memory
Gees I don't know... I'd have to say every Christmas is very memorable. I just really love being with people. Since I work when people aren't and they work when I'm not... being with family is special. Maybe this Christmas will make a new memory :)

10. Favorite Christmas Movie
Classic: White Christmas
Fun: Home Alone

****On another note.. it SNOWED in TEXAS last night! It was in the 80's yesterday afternoon... when I was driving home, it was sleeting, and when I got home, it started snowing. Texas weather for you folks!!!

I know this is nothing to Mrs. "Montana" :)
but, this was fun, your turn...

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My First Blog Award :)

Too cool.
I just got my very FIRST blog award from Liz :)
Thanks Liz!

I pass this award on to:

1. Carrier's Tell All
2. Mrs. Parrish
3. Budget Savvy Bride
4. Steph-a-ronie
5. Make Mine a Mojito

Make sure you guys "pass this along" :)

Brittney *Melton*

Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I'm Proud of Lately...

It would be fitting that on post #69, we have 169 days until "I Thee Wed".

I'm a little quirky about that stuff though.

Things that I'm proud of lately:

My youngest brother Alan and their HS football team are now in the 3RD ROUND of PLAYOFFS!! woo hoo! go Hendrickson! We'll be attending the game tomorrow at about 2pm. Say a prayer for the game. They are so excited and this is the farthest their school has been in the playoffs! go Hawks!

On another note, Derik wants to go to the game but sadly, cannot. He's got ONE MORE FINAL to go. He took one final today and the other is this Tuesday. This boy studied for 26 HOURS for this test he took today! OMGoodness! I'm so proud. Would you say a prayer for him too :)

A week from tomorrow - Derik will be graduating! We are beyond excited. I know he's excited, but I think that I'm a little more excited them him. Haha! He said the sweetest thing last night on the phone "babe, when I come home from school, I won't have to leave you anymore" :)

one more thing... I've finished ALL my Christmas shopping except what Derik and I are shopping for together! Can I get an amen! :)

Have a great weekend ladies :)

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I can't believe I've been FEATURED!!!

Well, first off... I can't believe it's ALREADY December!

Second... I've been FEATURED

I entered my inspiration board into the blog. They have lots of giveaways and great designs. If my inspiration board wins I get 50% off custom-made invitations!


I have to include in this post how awesome our engagement pics were this weekend. I loved every minute of it and I'm so glad we were able to get them taken :)

If you haven't already... check them out at

When I get more... you better believe I'm putting them on here :)

Thanks to steph-a-ronie pointing it out, I've been featured at SW Magazine blog... it's pics of what I'm thankful for. They'll post later who won this contest :) but, they're not telling the prize - what could it be??? Some of these pics are of you ladies... take a look :) Gees, it's my lucky day!

Brittney *Melton*

Monday, November 24, 2008

Engagement pics CRAZINESS :)

Trying to combine two people's schedules 6 hours apart is kind of hard. We were going to wait to do the e-pics until January. But, then it would be kind of late and a little bit pointless to make save the dates (which I REALLY wanted to do). So, that left us with beginning of January and hurrying the save the dates.

We changed our schedules with Andrea probably 5 times before this. Then we wanted to do it on Friday and that wasn't possible. Craziness of schedules.

BUT - I thought about Derik being home during thanksgiving and all was well :)

So, we decided to take pictures this Saturday. It was available and we decided to drive to the Dallas Arboretum.

Well, my youngest brother, Alan, and his HS football team made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs. I'm SO PROUD and am so excited that I ACTUALLY get to go. It's in San Antonio at the Alamodome at 8pm on..... guess what.... Saturday!

So, that would've caused us to drive 3 hours to Dallas, 5 hours to San Antonio, 2 hours home!!! That's like 10 hours of driving in 1 DAY! Derik was not up for it, but I was determined to make it all happen. So, we asked Andrea about Sunday... no good. So, then we decided that we'd be spending $$ in gas close to what it would cost to have Andrea come down to Austin.

I think that's what's going to happen now. Andrea's coming down to Austin to take our e-pics. That way we'll have time to go to the game and not be rushed and not drive ALL day!

Now - where to take pictures!? Any ideas - haha! We'll probably take some downtown... maybe in front of the capitol too? :)

That is the story of the e-pics. Hopefully it'll all work out! :)

Brittney *Melton*

Wii Fit GIVEAWAY!!!!

How awesome is this!!! Blogger La Petite Chic is having a Wii FIT GIVEAWAY

I would love one of these things... she's giving away a Wii console along with the Wii Fit!!! My dad has one of these and they are a blast. You really do burn a sweat, because it's about concentration and balance. I think it helps with your posture too.

What if Derik and I could have our very own :)
Brittney *Melton*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Work on a Sunday :(

I'm working today :( But, I'm trying to remind myself of what's ahead.

1. TODAY is EXACTLY 6 months until the wedding! :) Halleluia!!!
3. This week is Thanksgiving! Even though I have to work on Thanksgiving day, I have Friday off :)

and drumroll please....................

4. We're taking our engagement pics on SATURDAY!!!!

When the time comes, check out our photographer's blog. She'll probably post a few for you to see :)

Brittney *Melton*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun "tid-bits"

This is a fun post on what I've seen this week :)

How cute are these to-do lists... I LOVE this site and seem to want to print EVERYTHING on it!

I think these would be a cute idea for my wedding shoes. they have BLUE soles.... 
Oh and also, wouldn't these be a cute idea for my "something blue"?

This site I recently found has TONS of cute DIY stuff. Most for weddings... but they also have some cute ideas for everyday!

This baker has been on Martha Stewart and has a blog called "Bakerella" - she makes the CUTEST things and actually one of her signatures is the "cupcake pop" - check it out!


Brittney *Melton*

Custom Camera Strap GIVEAWAY!!!!

THIS IS AWESOME! Being a "newly" photographer... I love ANYTHING to do with cameras and photography.

How cute are these? AND - how awesome would it be to win one???!!!

Hope I'm the lucky winner! :)

Brittney *Melton*

thanks Steph!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008



Brittney *Melton*

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Perfect PAIR"

The reason I chose this name now - is because this is where I feel like I am.

I feel that even though I use this blog to show some of my designs/photography. It has become WAY more of a wedding blog. Getting my ideas and thoughts out there...

I'm so excited to see what these next 6 months hold. Today we made the deposit for our cakes :) The next BIG items on our list are:

#1 - FINISHING THE GUEST LIST (this has to be the worst headache for any bride)
#2 - Going and picking out our Invitations (this should be fun right - oh wait, we can't do this until the # of guests is decided - haha)
#3 - to DJ or not to DJ??? Yes, this is still the question.
#4 - taking engagement pics!!! This will happen on Nov. 29th
#5 - Save The Dates - This will happen sometime after Nov. 29th - when we get our engagement pics. I will be making them, so look for that in the next few months :)

Who knows... maybe 6 months from now :) :) :) It'll be a BRAND NEW kind of blog. You know - the kind where you're married :)

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SUCH a FUN Weekend!

I got back from LBK last night (Monday) and can I just say, that this was such a fun-AWESOME weekend! I did NOT want to go home. Well, I mean, I never really want to go home. But, I DEFINITELY didn't want to this last weekend.

I left Saturday morning (REAL early) and I got to go to the Tech/OSU game! Can I say - AWESOME GAME! That was the MOST fun I've had EVER! Derik and I may go to MORE than one game, if we can help it, next year :)

We didn't really have an agenda - which I love! We hung out and each took naps and ate some Which Wich :) Obviously, we had the game to go to. Which - did I say it was awesome... cause it was.

We ate breakfast with some friends on Sunday morning and got some Starbucks :) Then we just relaxed and watched TV. We decided to do some cooking :) which was SO MUCH FUN! We made our grocery lists and actually went and rented some movies. We made some stir fry (yum) and I made Derik some Taco Soup that he can eat for meals this week. We rented and watched 2 MOVIES! First was M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" - that was so wierd, crazy, and freaky all at the same time. So, we decided we'd watch "Get Smart" to get over the scariness. I'm SO glad we did - what a FUNNY movie! We re-wound parts like 5 times to rewatch them - we were laughing and bawling... I LOVED IT. I have not laughed with Derik that much in SO LONG!

Monday we ran some errands. We returned movies and went to pay off our couches that Derik bought. We also went to J. Keith's Jewelry to buy Derik's wedding band. He's allergic to certain metals, so we got a tungsten metal band instead of a white gold band. We decided to get it now because the only other time we could get it (from J. Keith) would be at Derik's graduation - that would be way too busy of a weekend... so, we ordered it this weekend. Derik will bring it home for Thanksgiving - I already told him that he COULDN'T wear it except to see if it fit. He gave me such a hard time saying I couldn't try on my wedding band - which I haven't!

We came back to Derik's apartment and ate some yummy Taco Soup and the rest of Monday we again each took naps... it was a pretty lazy weekend... but I LOVED THAT!

I had a crazy plane ride home - turbulence THE WHOLE WAY! And I had a layover in Dallas... with MORE turbulence to Austin... there were thunderstorms. I NEVER want to fly like that again... it was bumping constantly.

For now, I'm back home (safe) and ready for Derik to come home for Thanksgiving Break!!!
Some pics for you! :)

So, this is us at the beginning of the game - it was pretty cold ALREADY!


Guns Up for the Red Raiders :) See how cold I was!?

My plane ride view (before the storm) - such a BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.
Reminded me of God's promises!

Love you all!

Brittney *Melton*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


and today is 199!

We've made it to the hundred's ladies :)

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

200 Day Countdown! :)

This post explains itself :)

Brittney *Melton*

oh - and make sure you GO VOTE! :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mickey Mouse is nice... MINE is NOT!

You see... I have/had a lovely mouse in my room :)

I actually had one that was trapped while I was in Lubbock (thankfully)... He was there ALL last week, somehow escaped being trapped TWICE... I heard him EVERY night. I would always sleep on the couch cause it kind of freaked me out! But, my dad reset a trap and one was captured last night. Yea, heard it happen, in the middle of sleeping - YUCK! Then, he proceeded (this is the mouse I'm talking about) to scream/whine for 10-20 minutes. Which, #1 - creeped me out and, #2 - caused me to lose sleep. So, I went and slept on the couch while he slowly died.

My brother woke me up wondering why I was on the couch... was awake for like an hour while he got ready and then my dad came and did the same thing. I know it's terrible. I'm sitting at work COUNTING DOWN until I can get in my bed... I'm exhausted!!!

The colder weather causes the mice to visit... I had one last year around Christmas time. We also have a farm field not too far away from our house. I just don't know why they choose MY room!

hopefully NO MOUSE visits tonight :) Makes me feel gross!

Mouse-Hating friend,


Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 MONTHS!!!!

That's all I needed to say!!!


Brittney *Melton*


"Make Mine a Mojito" had her 100th blog post.

She's giving away some amazing necklaces, from Stella & Dot, to 5 lucky viewers...
how awesome would it be to win!?
Brittney *Melton*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ever Have one of THOSE Days?

Where you are just BLAH. Where you feel bad about yourself.

Well, I have been WORKING OUT like crazy this month. I go EVERY Monday, Wednesday, Friday - and I feel like nothing has changed...

I actually feel worse? Does that make any sense?

I've had my gym membership for almost 2 years now... I was REALLY good when I first got it. I worked out from Jan. all the way to April and then started going less often (still went though)

Then, I went on a week long vacation in July last year and DID NOT go work out until December. JULY-DECEMBER! CRAZY! Although, I did go running in the park on my own, but still... all that money went to waste!

My goal is to lose 10 lbs. That would make me feel better. I know people say "you don't need to lose weight, you're totally fine!" But, they don't know how much I weigh. I want to feel my best on my wedding day (7 months to go) and I feel like my work-out routine is not working...

Does anyone have any tips!? Do you know a good work-out regimen?

Here's mine:

Mon -
35 mins. on elipticals/treadmill and then weightlifting for 30 mins.
yoga/pilates class for 1 hr.

Wed -
1 hr. of Body Pump (weightlifting and cardio)

Fri -
1 hr. of Body Combat (kickboxing/tae chi)

I don't know. Maybe I need to run more!?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I had a near heart attack when I saw this yesterday!!!!!


Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sowers: Sister Session

These lovely ladies decided to have a Sister Weekend in Austin/Round Rock. I think they had a GREAT time... some I even caught of them laughing - hope you like them! :)

Brittney *Melton*