Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost eating time :)

After we finished our first dance, it was time for more pictures of us at our venue site. We held our reception at The Star Ranch Golf Club and they have amazing views. Too bad it was still raining... but either way it still turned out beautifully :)

If you visit here... we are featured on Star Ranch's site :)

this umbrella did us well... my brother ran out to my mom's car and she had one... in black! thankfully! it would be pretty odd if it was like a red umbrella or a pink one. I would have been prepared... but the weather forecast did not have ANY rain for that week. Mother Nature surprised us with some thunderstorms. I think (from what I hear) is that the heavy part of the rain was right before and DURING the ceremony...

WE ARE MARRIED and he is my husband! CRAZINESS!

Love this - DIP time :)

Prayer before the food is served
I was cold, and yes, I tucked a napkin in my dress... I was NOT about to get BBQ sauce on it... haha!

Up next, TOASTS and then CAKE :)