Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last LAST Weekend :)

ok, so this is a post long time coming... have I really not blogged since the beginning of MARCH!? Ummm hello, it is April next week! Is time flying by this fast for anyone else?

Ok so, in my last post I showed you our Toby :)

Here's some more shots of our little guy :)

Ah, Father and Son :) haha!

What's so funny is that we started calling each other Momma and Daddy when we refer to each other and to Toby. Like "Daddy, take Toby out to potty" haha we're weird!


Last LAST weekend :) I got to see my best friends for a "Gender Reveal" Party. My Best friend (also named Brittney) and her husband are expecting a little one and I had not seen her yet :) she looked so cute!

The premise of a Gender Reveal Party is to tell us if it was a boy or girl. I think these are so fun and I've been seeing more and more of these around the blogworld :)

Here we are...

If you thought it was a boy = you wore blue
If you thought it was a girl = you wore pink

I wore pink
and I was right :)

It's a girl!!!

Ok... so they decorated all in blue and pink and when they told us the gender, they cut away the balloons that weren't what the baby was... thus the pink balloons left :)

I could not be more tickled "pink" for you guys!

Here's the whole gang...


We brought Toby along for the weekend and he decided he needed the "big boy" bone... Britt and her husband have 2 big dogs and another one that is still more than twice his size :) so in all - 3 dogs... I guess he thought he was big too...

This bone is like THE size of him! haha!
My Hubby's been gone all week on business and I can't wait to see him tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogworld... Meet Toby

Derik and I got a puppy this weekend!
he's OH so cute!

first picture on the way home :) just got a bath!

silly boy!

pic with "mom"

I believe *someone* is spoiling somebody :)

see what I mean!? :)

FAV pic of him so far!!! :)


funny sleeping picture... he looks so funny :)

silly boy... Derik laid him in this bed and he didn't get his back feet in... so he just stayed like this - ha! goofy! :)

"momma" wore him out today... we had a lot of errands to run! :)

his new favorite toy :)

believe me... you will see more of Toby :)