Monday, August 31, 2009

oh the DRAMA!

It has been a REALLY REALLY long day... much to say, but for now, I will let you know that we are...


Sharing the REALLY REALLY long story tomorrow... can only take so much today!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok - so DEFINITELY next week!

I was SO very bummed to miss our closing this week... (haha, like you couldn't tell)

They said it'll be next week and I was hoping for Monday - I found out that they actually could've had it ready Yesterday or Today... but, they left today without it being finished.....

........As Stephanie Tanner on Full House would say.........
"How Rude!!!"

***by the way - that is SO how I wore my hair...
oh scrunchies [sigh]...
and those BANGS...
and that side-half-up-pony-tail...
yep, that was SO me***

So moving on... it is safe to say (because our Lender said so) that we will officially close BY next week!

It might be mid-week... woo hoo... So, here's hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday - we've already been told it's a no-go for Monday - boo!

I feel a little bad because Thursday is my Dad's birthday (shhh... it's a big one - the big 5-0) and I hope he's not too frustrated to be helping us move on his birthday. I think we'll be planning something for that weekend!? Maybe I'll be optimistic and say it'll all be moved in by Wednesday - ha!

That is, IF Closing is on Tuesday!

TGIF to all and HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!! We're floating the river tomorrow :) Maybe (maybe) I'll try and take some pics :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today was supposed to be the day that we were moving. Getting our own place and getting things out of storage.

But, sadly.

We're not.

Right now, I would be unpacking all those wedding gifts (that I really can't even recall what we do have) and putting them in MY Kitchen. I would be putting our very first bedding set on the new bed (we're currently using my old one from home because size difference).

But, sadly.

I'm not.

It will happen soon enough... but I wanted it to happen today.
I so need patience right now!

But, sadly.

I do not... haha!

Monday, August 24, 2009

UGH! Can't we just CLOSE!? FINALLY!?

I had a very lovely blog post planned for this day... you see... It was going to be about us FINALLY getting our own house and going to our closing and FINALLY get to receive the keys to our house and FINALLY getting to be able to live with my husband ALONE!?

Well, I have to scratch all that loveliness, because our closing is being pushed BACK! yes, back! not forward... BACK to when!? oh a WHOLE WEEK!

Now, I'm not trying to be "Debbie Downer" it's not like we lost our house or have to start over (oh, please let that not happen) but... I got a call from our lender saying we're good on our end, and we're approved. Our mortgage company just didn't send the paperwork to be approved by USDA on time. We've been approved for 2 WEEKS! and they hadn't sent it YET! so our Lender made a quick run to send it to USDA and they said it will take 5 days... so, obviously 5 days is longer than 2 which is when we would have closed. But, now we get to wait until NEXT WEEK!

I'm so frustrated that I could just cry!

We had it all planned out. We even called ahead for our utilities to be set up Thursday... now we have to switch it all around AGAIN! We had move-in plans all ready... Took off of work (now we have to change that) and I bought all these cleaning supplies today. Now we have to WAIT! I hate all this run-around/changing and am just ready to MOVE-IN!

We've been living with my parents since we've been married. And, while I'm thankful for them helping us, I am ready to be with my husband ~ ALONE!

[sigh] so so so ready!

VOTE - please and thanks :)

I entered a Christmas Card photo contest over at I know I posted about it the other day, but now it's VOTING TIME.

Believe in Santa Holiday Photo Cards
Believe in Santa Holiday Photo Cards

Would you be so kind as to vote for my card please!? :)
and thanks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This time next week...

We will be LIVING in our OWN home!

My oh my - I cannot wait!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Derik's Bday - in pictures :)

Well I showed you pictures from my bday weekend... so here's D's.

We kept it low-key and went to his FAVORITE restaurant - Pappadeaux's :)

Trying to get a good pic of us...

and then D starts singing :) haha! he *might* kill me if he knew I posted this - haha!

we splurged and got an appetizer - Coconut Shrimp YUM!
I also had a Strawberry Tea and it was SO GOOD!

Trying to get another good pic with the restaurant sign...

He was getting embarrassed because of people watching... oh well!

In other news...

I'm so ready to have our OWN place!

Buying A Home

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Real Wedding from The Knot

check it out!

Birthdays :)

2 weeks ago was my birthday, and TODAY is D's birthday! I love that our birthday's are so close... it's kind of fun :)

Tonight we're going to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" - isn't he sweet to do that on his bday :) Well, we rented and watched "Wolverine" on my birthday... so it's only fitting :)

Since today's D's birthday... I just wanted to say a few things...
Babe - I love you so much - there are no words that I can say to make that anymore apparent... because I just really do love you. So, there! :) I hope that this birthday leaves you feeling loved and appreciated for all that you do for us. I can't wait to start our home together and cannot wait to get all settled and moved in. You mean the world to me. You push me to be a better person and are there for me to cry with when I need it. Happy 24th birthday babe! With all my love!
Well, on my birthday, I told D "can we just get away". I was feeling stressed about everything that has been going on and I just wanted a quiet evening to ourselves. So, that's exactly what we did. We went to San Antonio, TX and walked along the River Walk and ate... really relaxing.

Here are some pictures of our San Antonio River Walk excursions:

The first impression of the hotel was amazing! It's so cute inside...
It's an historic hotel: Sheraton Gunther (I've heard it is haunted??)
Now that D gets State rate for hotels... we were really excited to get a good deal :)

They even had this old school mailbox slot/shoot that went down all the floors at the elevator.
So, if we wanted to mail something, we would drop it down from our floor (8th floor) and it would land here... I thought that was really interesting...

our cute little room
this bathroom was tiny, but oh so cute... look at this old pedestal sink :)

another view of the room
us at dinner the first night... can't go to the River Walk without getting some good Mexican food... and that we did :)
Here's our chips and salsa (in a neat little contraption - both of us had salsa on our own sides)... we were being a little silly

Our hotel... really fun little place... IT was about a block from the River Walk itself. Next time, we decided we'd stay on the river...
This was right across the street - The Majestic. They have some broadway plays come through... but none while we were there :)

love this pic of us at breakfast the next morning - YUM-O Cinnamon rolls that were the size of my face... I was mad that I didn't get a pic of them - they were huge! I wish D's head wasn't cut off though :(
pretty River Walk
pretty old church

cool looking art/statue...
of course - the Alamo!
a lady kindly took our picture :)
pretty little walkway inside the Alamo...

I'm taking D to his fav restaurant tomorrow - Pappadeaux's :)

I love birthdays :)

Show us Your Life: Favorite Vacation Spots

Ok, so I know I already showed you my honeymoon... but there will be more fav photos :) and also, a trip to Winter Park Colorado - I LOVE SKIING!

love our resort so much! it was beautiful and such a wonderful place for honeymooners!

pretty pretty blue water!

Us at the entrance to Tulum
The next day we went to Coba - another Mayan Ruins in Cancun area... we actually climbed this!

no really, see, we climbed it!

Here's the view down...
Later that day at the resort... loved just laying around...

leaving Cancun... look at that WATER!

Now on to some colder weather :) My family went to Winter Park Colorado in March of 2008...
I really do love this place and skiing!

How great is our Creator!

us on the lifts...
All the boys (and me) Al, D, My dad (he's the one being goofy) and Kev

D on the slops

me on the slops... I know... my hat looks weird...

pretty views

We made a snowman... and seriously... look how long D's hair is!
He pretty much had an Afro

Here are a few videos of the guys trying to go by me as fast as they can...
I guess it's a guy thing - but they really didn't look like they were going that fast on video huh!?