Sunday, May 23, 2010

To my husband...

One Year already!?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 2010

So - this is a little late... but, it's... MAY!

How in the world has this year passed me by so fast?

Thinking back a year ago this time last year, it brings back so many wonderful memories... it makes me miss Mexico ha! But, more than that, it shows me how FAR we've come.

But, oh my gosh - it's MAY!

In less than 20 days now (17 to be exact) we will hit our one year anniversary! wowee!

And I thought it took forever for the wedding to come... now it's FLYING BY!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Me and my husband :)

So Kelly is having another "Show us your life" Friday... and today's is all about how you met your husband :)

How fun!

It all started Memorial Day weekend 2005 :) Well, that's when I met him...

My Aunt and cousins had been pestering me (and Derik, little did I know) about meeting Derik and even going on a date with him. Now, my cousins are almost 16 and the other is a freshman in college... but this was 5 years ago... so they were about 11 and 14 ha! My 11 year old cousin was setting me up on a date - oh boy! I told her, well he can be the one to ask :)

So, back to Memorial Day weekend 2005... I had a bad day, I had to go to work EARLY to stock shelves (I only worked at that place for 2 weeks ha) so, going to work at 4am and getting done around noon was very tiring. My family made it a tradition of sorts to go to the lake and camp on Memorial Day weekend - for as long as I can remember... not so much anymore though. The last time we did this tradition was this specific weekend (2005)! I go to the campsite - tired and GRUMPY... and my mom said (with a smirk) "well, Aunt Cheryl said she invited Derik to camp this weekend" (haha) I said "Oooookkk?" she said, "well - what do you think?" and these were my exact words "Mom, whatever will be, will be" - little did I know :)

We saw each other every night after that weekend except one. He called me that night and said, "I wanted to know if I could take you out on a date tomorrow?" ummm YES! I still remember our first date. Awkward ha! We went to a restaurant and ate dinner, then we came to my parents house and watched a movie. He went to Texas Tech while I lived in Belton at my college (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor). We continued our relationship through the 6 hour drives and flights. And, the rest is history :)

We met ON Memorial Day weekend 2005
He proposed ON Memorial Day weekend 2008 - May 24, 2008
We were married ON Memorial Day weekend 2009 - May 23, 2009 :)

When we planned the wedding, that was not the specific reason why we picked Memorial Day weekend... but, once I figured that all 3 of these major events were (and were going to be) on Memorial Day - I knew it would be a perfect weekend to Marry my love :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


come check it out - this will eventually be my new home... I'll most likely be using this for my personal and business blog, so make sure and update your RSS feeds to the new site. I may continue to blog here for a little while, but not for long :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Look at all the pretties :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Toby's First Haircut

Ok so... last Thursday our little guy Toby (aka Tobs or Tobster as we call him) got his first haircut - BIG BOY!

What was TERRIBLE about it was that they put a BOW in his hair!

a BOW!? - he's a boy!!!!!

Derik picked him up and saw this and asked the lady "why does he have a bow" - "Daddy" got mad - you don't put a bow in your boys hair!!! haha! So, the lady tries to make up for it. I mean, we live in central Tx and all... so she says "well, it's longhorn colors!"

First - it's orange and lime green?

Second - Derik is NOT a UT fan... far from it... he went to Texas Tech and pretty much has a hatred toward anything UT...

my family members are all UT fans - so yea, football season is real fun :/ haha!

My brother went with Derik and they took the bow OFF in front of the lady! haha! oh my gosh, I was rolling when I was hearing this story. You don't mess with "Daddy's" boy!!! haha!

Well, after he was all de-girlified... "Daddy" got a picture of him...

He's such a big boy now!!! :)

Saying goodbye...

I had to say goodbye...

I hated our parting and I do not know what I am going to do without them for a whole 2 weeks...

I feel naked without them... like a part of me is missing.

They have been with me through some pretty important moments in life.

One has been with me since May 08 - May 24, 2008 (to be exact)

The other has been with me since last May - May 23, 2009 (to be exact)

*YES, I'm talking about my wedding rings...*

I had to drop them off at the jeweler to get soldered and I have to say that I really miss them!!!

They said that they would be ready in 2 weeks and I want them back NOW - it's only been 2 days!!! They said they'd call if they were ready sooner and I REALLY hope they are!

Did any of you ladies get your rings soldered? Did you miss them like crazy!?

Bye rings! See you in 2 weeks or less!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last LAST Weekend :)

ok, so this is a post long time coming... have I really not blogged since the beginning of MARCH!? Ummm hello, it is April next week! Is time flying by this fast for anyone else?

Ok so, in my last post I showed you our Toby :)

Here's some more shots of our little guy :)

Ah, Father and Son :) haha!

What's so funny is that we started calling each other Momma and Daddy when we refer to each other and to Toby. Like "Daddy, take Toby out to potty" haha we're weird!


Last LAST weekend :) I got to see my best friends for a "Gender Reveal" Party. My Best friend (also named Brittney) and her husband are expecting a little one and I had not seen her yet :) she looked so cute!

The premise of a Gender Reveal Party is to tell us if it was a boy or girl. I think these are so fun and I've been seeing more and more of these around the blogworld :)

Here we are...

If you thought it was a boy = you wore blue
If you thought it was a girl = you wore pink

I wore pink
and I was right :)

It's a girl!!!

Ok... so they decorated all in blue and pink and when they told us the gender, they cut away the balloons that weren't what the baby was... thus the pink balloons left :)

I could not be more tickled "pink" for you guys!

Here's the whole gang...


We brought Toby along for the weekend and he decided he needed the "big boy" bone... Britt and her husband have 2 big dogs and another one that is still more than twice his size :) so in all - 3 dogs... I guess he thought he was big too...

This bone is like THE size of him! haha!
My Hubby's been gone all week on business and I can't wait to see him tomorrow!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogworld... Meet Toby

Derik and I got a puppy this weekend!
he's OH so cute!

first picture on the way home :) just got a bath!

silly boy!

pic with "mom"

I believe *someone* is spoiling somebody :)

see what I mean!? :)

FAV pic of him so far!!! :)


funny sleeping picture... he looks so funny :)

silly boy... Derik laid him in this bed and he didn't get his back feet in... so he just stayed like this - ha! goofy! :)

"momma" wore him out today... we had a lot of errands to run! :)

his new favorite toy :)

believe me... you will see more of Toby :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Austin Snow Day 2010 :)

It snowed in Austin :)

yes - we went from wearing shorts and short sleeves on Sunday (in the 70's ALMOSt 80's) and then Tuesday... it SNOWED! only in Texas people... only in Texas

Sorry, I'm still wearing glasses and extremely tired... Derik got the day off...
sadly - I am called in when there's a weather event... I work at a News Station :/

before (I thought this was a lot at first)

after (but this is a lot more!)





look at those HUGE snowflakes :) ha!



Derik's truck in the snow :)

I said "Derik, come outside and take pictures with me!!!" he said "no, I don't want to" - so I said "Derik don't be dumb :(" ha! and he did this -->

he still came out with me :)

silly boy!

US!! :)
again, pardon my non-made up self :/ YUCK!

Crosses :)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

It's collections week over on Kelly's Korner

Here are my collection of crosses - I've since added probably 10 CROSSES! This is an older photo :) ha!
I love them all :) I got a few for Christmas and some I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

The small ceramic colored on on the left on the top is from our Honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico last May... I hope to get one on every vacation we take. That'd be so fun and such a neat tradition.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful

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