Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fabulous K: Joy's Hope

Continuing with Fabulous K's giveaway week...

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Fabulous K: Small Words Giveaway

Continuing with Fabulous K's giveaway week...

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Featured Wedding :)

The WONDERFUL Budget Savvy Bride featured OUR wedding!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The finale...

If you've gone with me all the way through our wedding photos - AWESOME! I'm so glad that you've journeyed with me. Of course, the "journey" is far from over.... I mean, a marriage STARTS at the wedding, not ends. So, even though I'm sad that the wedding is over, because it was of course the best day ever, I have so many great things ahead of myself (ahead of ourselves).

Starting with D getting an awesome job in June, starting in July, and us moving into a HOUSE in less than a month... God is amazing! I'm so thankful to all my readers, because I've truly loved blogging. I'm not stopping. Maybe just changing. I doubt there will be anymore wedding posts (unless I just really want to, or if it's for Kelly's Korner :) )

BUT - I can't wait to share with you all about our HOUSE - soon and very soon... maybe by the end of this week, I'll post something :)

Enjoy the last few :)

The bouquet toss:

those girls let it fall to the GROUND!
but here is the lucky girl who picked it up :)
Hubs :) tee hee - here he is about to slingshot the garter to the few single men :)
and THEY let it fall to the ground. It did make a quick stop at DJ's head... haha, so he's the one who picked it up!
Here we are...
of course... DJ needed to wear it and look manly
We debated on whether to change clothes and then do our last dance, but how can you not keep wearing your DRESS!?? I had to dance our last dance in it. Then we made a quick change and made our way the car for our WEDDING NIGHT! :)
My brother threw some petals that weren't quite off the bud (it was actually a small rose bud still) and it pelted D in the head - haha!
he's looking to see who it was - haha! :)
My brother wrote something on the car that I didn't care for... leave a comment or message me if you'd like to find out. oh my - haha!
YAYA! oh my gosh we're really married and leaving on our HONEYMOON!
MEXICO here we come!

Dance, Dance, Dance

ok - so we had a TON of photos of all our different dances...

It was so funny, because D is not a dancer... and I'm not too much of one either, I love it, just don't go dancing often. But, D complained from the get-go (when he found out there would be dancing) that it was going to be too much dancing. He had SO much fun and actually said that it went by too fast - I TOTALLY agree! that day was the best ever :)

starting out... daddy/daughter dance:

My mom and dad took dance lessons for fun, and I was able to go to 2 of them. The dance instructor helped us choreograph a dance to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella" it was so fun and I will remember it always... everyone seemed to love it! including my dad!!! :)
a couple of spins :)

Now D and his mom's dance :)
They danced to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts :)

this is my brother... he had WAY too much fun... as you will see in later pictures. He's such a HAM!
see... oh, but just wait!
Me with D's dad
I'm laughing because my Uncle is spinning my mom like crazy and she is not liking it - haha! :)
love the emotion of this one!

oh yeah - party line dances coming up :)

I think this is the cha cha slide :)
"now jump" - look at our faces coming down on the jump - hilarious! haha!
"how low can you go?"
"can you go down low?... all the way to the floor?"
"can you make it to the top?... like you're never gonna stop?"
This was a song (which took us forever to find the title of) it's called "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang... we researched after the wedding because we loved it so much. There's a line that says "jump on it" and we all jumped around "lasso-ing" - oh too much fun! :)
again... with my brother - I AM CRACKING UP!

up next... bouquet/garter tosses, last dance, and getaway... my pictures are almost over! :(

Monday, July 27, 2009

the vintage pearl giveaway

How absolutely adorable are these necklaces and charms!!?? I think I'm in love - may just get one even if I don't win.

Check out the fabulous k summer giveaway week starting today and ending Friday (which happens to be my birthday) :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show us your Life: Wedding Dress

I was recently married THIS May - May 23, 2009. So this post is a fun one :)

I've really been DYING to do one of these posts since Kelly's Korner started them. But, since I had no house or apartment to speak of - coming soon though - I was bummed when I couldn't. Well, now she's started "Show us your Life" and first up: Wedding Dress :) YAY!

Here I am about to put on my dress...

I don't think I had any idea what I really wanted. I knew I didn't want ballgown/princess style (which my Future MIL - now MIL was shocked by... she thought I should get that... oh well) I wanted simple but very elegant. That's the way my wedding was. I'm a simple girl I guess :) I really only looked at 4-5 bridal salons for my dress. First time I went, I went to 2 places in one day. The 2nd time I went, I went to 3 places in 2 days. I found it the second day at The Bridesmaids Store, in Austin, TX - where I am from. This place has TONS of Bridesmaids dresses... which is why we were there, but they had a small selection of bridal gowns too. I tried on about 10-15 while there and this is the one that I DID NOT want to take off...

best part: it was $500...!!!

It's a Watter and Watters gown... the alterations lady added some fabric to help me up top :) haha!

the girls helping me get ready :)
love our dresses :) and of course my FAV green ever!
a little sneak - we were a bit traditional (well, I was) and wanted to wait to walk down the aisle to fully see him - but, I loved this idea of a sneak peek. Couldn't see each other, but it was great to hold his hand and talk to him a little before the wedding. My soon-to-be HUSBAND was around the corner for goodness sakes :)
love this pic of me and my dad!
Dancing with Dad!
a little fun with the Cupid Shuffle (I think**)

And I couldn't leave without posting some Bridal pictures :)

gave this to D for his wedding gift :)

a little wind

love the back of my dress too :)