Friday, August 29, 2008

Bed Bath and Beyond Registry Site

So - I don't necessarily need this... but, being bored at work causes you to do things:

Go visit our registry site at BBB :)

Brittney *Melton*

Monday, August 25, 2008

110 DAYS (and a little blue couch)...

No, not 110 days to the wedding... but to another important occasion for Derik and I. In 110 days... Derik will graduate! no more school, no more studying, no more long distance from Austin to Lubbock. (Although it might be Austin to Dallas until the wedding) But, nonetheless. I can't wait until 110 days pass and I know neither can Derik.

Had a great weekend moving him in to his LAST apartment for school. The next apartment/house I move him in to - I'll be moving in my stuff too :) Woo hoo! :) I know that it'll just fly by. I'll be there the weekend of Sept. 19/20/21 for family WKND and I plan on going at least 1-2 more times. Hopefully 2. I hope to make it to a couple of football games.

We've already talked about taking a trip to Lubbock next year for a weekend game. :) So fun! We'll be MARRIED and getting to plan our own little fun trips! so cool! :)

Another fun thing that happened this weekend:

You all probably remember that navy blue little couch I had in my dorm room. Ah yes... the little blue couch.

I gave it to Derik to use when he moved into his own apartment last year - and he's using it again this year. It's good for a little dorm for one person. But, not for an apartment with multiple people sitting. Maybe 2 - if you're lucky. Well, Ashley's furniture was having a garage sale in Lubbock on Saturday... so we decided to look around. We should've gotten there at 8am when they started, rather than 3pm where everything was already gone and sold! :( We looked around anyways and found a couch and loveseat. Derik went away to think about it and we ended up coming back and ordering them. What's so exciting is that these pieces of furniture are the FIRST thing we've gotten together FOR US! The first thing we've picked out FOR US as a married couple! Derik will use them this semester and then wherever he gets a job next spring... and then I'll get to use them in OUR house/apartment!

So fun!

Brittney *Melton*

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, tomorrow I have a day off - woo hoo! But, Derik's moving back to Lubbock - boo hoo...

The good news about him moving back is - the sooner he moves back, the sooner he will GRADUATE! Woo hoo double-y.

The sooner he graduates, the sooner the wedding comes - woo hoo triple-y (i can say that right? it's a real word!)

I hope he has a great last semester and that it goes by painlessly!

Come on December 13th!

Brittney *Melton*

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today Derik turns 23... he's in Dallas and I haven't seen him all week... can't wait to get off of work and bring him a cake! and presents of course :)

Love you honey!

Brittney *Melton*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, I thought it was time for a blog change... these are so cute! Derik's in Dallas tonight for his internship's end and I'm sitting watching the Olympics at work. Oh, how I LOVE the Olympics. Can we just say - go Phelps!!!

Here's a link for the schedule Super cool!

My darling Derik made us a printed out schedule for all our favorite events. Haha! He cracks me up (sounds like something I would do!) We LOVE sports and hope that if the Olympics do come to Chicago (they are a bid) in 2016 - we will go! The next are in London 2012 - don't know if that will be too expensive...

Don't YOU just love the Olympics? GO USA!

Brittney *Melton*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday week and REGISTERING!!!

ok - so this has been a somewhat crazy week... but not really.

Last Thursday was my birthday - let's just say it came and went - that's all I'm going to say about that. Now 24 - I am thinking... "the next birthday I have - I'll be MARRIED" :) so exciting!

Since Derik is going back to school in about 2 weeks :( - uggh! - We decided to register! If we waited until he was back from school, graduated, and started work... it'd be like January. We figure that would probably be a little too late. So - August 2nd/3rd was our registering weekend!

Saturday morning we go get a yummy breakfast from the Pflugerville Deli - so good! I had looked up when the stores opened and decided just to start early and finish early.

We head to Bed Bath & Beyond... as we were walking to the door Derik says "we can probably get it done in 2 hours right?" I'm thinking "sure honey :)" I knew that it would probably take longer. We walk in the door at 9:40am and sit for 30 mins. while the bridal consultant (very nice actually) talked. haha! Derik was just like - "can we start!?" She tells us that not all their china is on display and that we could look through this binder. We pick out our top 4, then narrow it down to 2, and then 1. We picked some cream/white plates, because it's always good to have a set of white plates.

We then started... It took forever to get through all those kitchen gadgets... but then we made it to bedding - finally - and we were rounding the corner and Derik says "yes - we're rounding the last corner!" haha! Midway through registering our scanner said "please reply and hit E" ok- we hit E - nothing........ so, we take it to our bridal consultant and she's like "I've never seen this" - ends up that the battery is dying and all I can think is - "ok, so you're telling me all that stuff we just scanned we need to scan again!?!" She said no... Derik gave a sigh of relief. On we go... needless to say - we were there a little over 3 hours... not too bad. But, we had planned on going to Crate & Barrel also...

Derik's neck had been bothering him ALL day. I felt so bad, so I was thinking about not even going to C&B and just making it another day... but, before I could even say anything Derik sasy "let's go to Crate & Barrel and just make a day of it - let's finish it" ok good! :) We only got a few things that we missed at BBB, or things that we couldn't find or didn't quite like. We got some HOT RED plates for our everyday dinnerware and a couple of other things that we needed.

We get home to my house and that boy CRASHES! He slept over 2 hours! My dad was laughing and said that I just wore him out! haha - I guess so...

That day was SO much fun - it finalized a lot of things. Like, this is going to be OUR STUFF... OUR KITCHEN... OUR BEDROOM... OUR BATHROOMS! so much fun and I'm so glad that it went smoothly!

We had also discussed that we'd maybe register for luggage at Macy's or Dillards. So, Sunday Derik mentions he needs to take something back to the mall and wondered if we wanted to register. I'm thinking - this boy is on a ROLL. I'm so proud - cause Derik HATES shopping. He's a "man's man" - when I say that I mean that he KNOWS what he's going to get and he walks in... gets what he needs... and leaves. Doesn't look around - nothing... short trips are what Derik's all about. So, when he mentioned going to register AGAIN... I was like OK :)

The lady at Macy's talked our ear off... Ms. Anjeanette - she went by Angie. This lady talked about her son getting married and how he didn't want any kids invited to the wedding, and then how some people showed up with children, then how people who didn't bring their children were offended that those people got to bring their kids and they didn't... oh my goodness! haha! It did not stop there, but I'll spare you. She went through ALL of what we had heard just the day before - so I stopped her (nicely) and said "oh, we've actually registered all weekend..." She looked at me as if I had just cursed her and said "where did you go"... I said "Bed bath and Beyond"... Angie says - "uhhhh... Macy's is so much better... we carry high-end designer dishes and stemware... well, at least you made Macy's your last stop" HAHAHA! I told her that we were mainly coming here for luggage. We went a picked our luggage and then just decided to scan around... we did register for a couple of others that we missed, but then I just decided to go to BBB & C&B online to add those items and then deleted them from Macy's. But, before I did that, and before we left - Ms. Anjeanette said - "ooo girl, you're going to have to beef this up... you only have 13 items... we can't be having that!"


What a woman!

So needless to say, pretty much all our registering is done. I've added a lot more online that we missed - can we say ADDICTING! I'm going to have to ration how much I add and how much I actually look at that thing - haha!

The only thing we'll have to register for is window coverings - since we don't exactly know HOW MANY windows we'll have - because we don't know WHERE we'll be living... And maybe some more decor items.

We still might create a honeymoon registry... who knows? The BBB lady said that we should double the amount of guests and that's how many items we would need to register for. We have 400+ guests... so - 800 items? I don't think so. Maybe if we create a honeymoon registry we can add items that way. :)

Next is to finalize our honeymoon plans... we're probably going to Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Maui, Hawaii! YEA! Derik called a travel agent to have her look up some deals...

Love you all!

Brittney *Melton*