Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Questionnare

***just letting you know this was written a couple of days ago... but I'm just now posting it. So, no, it did not snow in Austin last night, but, the night before :)***

1. Fresh Tree or Fake Tree
Fake tree... I'd like to maybe try the whole Real/Fresh Tree thing when I'm married next year :)

2. Favorite Ornament
Not sure... we haven't decorated ours yet :( Things have been really busy. But, I think there's this one with an upside down heart as the face of a reindeer. It's cute :) here he is...
3. Favorite Christmas Song
Charlie Brown Music always gets me smiling :)

4. Favorite Tradition
Fav Present-Day tradition: EVERY Christmas that Derik and I have been together... Christmas Eve Eve (that's right the night BEFORE Christmas Eve) we open presents with his family. Then, the next morning we go to his Meme's house and hang with all the aunts/uncles/cousins. Derik stays and sleeps on the couch and has Christmas Eve hot chocolate with us. Christmas Morning we open my family's presents and start cooking for my Mema's house. We go there and then to my Granny's that evening. It's like 3 FULL days of Christmas!

Fav Past tradition: My dad would wake us up, my brother's and I couldn't leave our hallway until we were all lined up (because Santa wanted us to see the presents all together) While we were lining up, my dad was video taping us. We'd run out and see what Santa left for us and dad caught our expressions :) That would be fun to see now :)

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received
I'd have to say that my favorite recent gift would be my ipod (I know I know, I'm a techy) I wasn't expecting it, and I kept saying "are you serious, are you serious" :) That was about 5 years ago. Another: Derik gave me a ruby ring (my birthstone) My other is my coach purse Derik got me last year :) My favorite gift from childhood... I remember getting a dollhouse that I played a LOT.

6. Favorite Christmas Meal
Of course both Derik's Meme's cooking, and my Mema's cooking... :)

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie
We made cookies for Santa and put them on our special plate. I remember getting to eat some before we put them on his plate :)

8. Favorite Place To Be
With Derik, with Family

9. Favorite Memory
Gees I don't know... I'd have to say every Christmas is very memorable. I just really love being with people. Since I work when people aren't and they work when I'm not... being with family is special. Maybe this Christmas will make a new memory :)

10. Favorite Christmas Movie
Classic: White Christmas
Fun: Home Alone

****On another note.. it SNOWED in TEXAS last night! It was in the 80's yesterday afternoon... when I was driving home, it was sleeting, and when I got home, it started snowing. Texas weather for you folks!!!

I know this is nothing to Mrs. "Montana" :)
but, this was fun, your turn...

Brittney *Melton*