Friday, December 5, 2008

Things I'm Proud of Lately...

It would be fitting that on post #69, we have 169 days until "I Thee Wed".

I'm a little quirky about that stuff though.

Things that I'm proud of lately:

My youngest brother Alan and their HS football team are now in the 3RD ROUND of PLAYOFFS!! woo hoo! go Hendrickson! We'll be attending the game tomorrow at about 2pm. Say a prayer for the game. They are so excited and this is the farthest their school has been in the playoffs! go Hawks!

On another note, Derik wants to go to the game but sadly, cannot. He's got ONE MORE FINAL to go. He took one final today and the other is this Tuesday. This boy studied for 26 HOURS for this test he took today! OMGoodness! I'm so proud. Would you say a prayer for him too :)

A week from tomorrow - Derik will be graduating! We are beyond excited. I know he's excited, but I think that I'm a little more excited them him. Haha! He said the sweetest thing last night on the phone "babe, when I come home from school, I won't have to leave you anymore" :)

one more thing... I've finished ALL my Christmas shopping except what Derik and I are shopping for together! Can I get an amen! :)

Have a great weekend ladies :)

Brittney *Melton*


Liz Lockwood

YAY!!! Does that mean that Derik and you will be living/working in Austin? Or are you moving to Dallas? I couldn't remember.

Love you!