Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mickey Mouse is nice... MINE is NOT!

You see... I have/had a lovely mouse in my room :)

I actually had one that was trapped while I was in Lubbock (thankfully)... He was there ALL last week, somehow escaped being trapped TWICE... I heard him EVERY night. I would always sleep on the couch cause it kind of freaked me out! But, my dad reset a trap and one was captured last night. Yea, heard it happen, in the middle of sleeping - YUCK! Then, he proceeded (this is the mouse I'm talking about) to scream/whine for 10-20 minutes. Which, #1 - creeped me out and, #2 - caused me to lose sleep. So, I went and slept on the couch while he slowly died.

My brother woke me up wondering why I was on the couch... was awake for like an hour while he got ready and then my dad came and did the same thing. I know it's terrible. I'm sitting at work COUNTING DOWN until I can get in my bed... I'm exhausted!!!

The colder weather causes the mice to visit... I had one last year around Christmas time. We also have a farm field not too far away from our house. I just don't know why they choose MY room!

hopefully NO MOUSE visits tonight :) Makes me feel gross!

Mouse-Hating friend,