Friday, October 17, 2008

Ever Have one of THOSE Days?

Where you are just BLAH. Where you feel bad about yourself.

Well, I have been WORKING OUT like crazy this month. I go EVERY Monday, Wednesday, Friday - and I feel like nothing has changed...

I actually feel worse? Does that make any sense?

I've had my gym membership for almost 2 years now... I was REALLY good when I first got it. I worked out from Jan. all the way to April and then started going less often (still went though)

Then, I went on a week long vacation in July last year and DID NOT go work out until December. JULY-DECEMBER! CRAZY! Although, I did go running in the park on my own, but still... all that money went to waste!

My goal is to lose 10 lbs. That would make me feel better. I know people say "you don't need to lose weight, you're totally fine!" But, they don't know how much I weigh. I want to feel my best on my wedding day (7 months to go) and I feel like my work-out routine is not working...

Does anyone have any tips!? Do you know a good work-out regimen?

Here's mine:

Mon -
35 mins. on elipticals/treadmill and then weightlifting for 30 mins.
yoga/pilates class for 1 hr.

Wed -
1 hr. of Body Pump (weightlifting and cardio)

Fri -
1 hr. of Body Combat (kickboxing/tae chi)

I don't know. Maybe I need to run more!?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! :)

Brittney *Melton*



Along with exercise, how is your food/water intake? Have you changed the way you eat? Are you cutting out sugar and watching your fat? How about water? How much are you drinking a day? I have been walking for 5 days a week for the past 2 weeks and drinking at least 64 oz of water. I can't really tell anything on the scale, but I am already down 1 size in my clothes. I know some days can be just go to persevere. I hope this helps.

I can't believe you only have 7 MONTHS until you get married!!!! Wow! Time is really flying.

Love you!


I think you're pretty.


OK i will make a bet with you!!!!!!!
I am feeling EXACTLY the sameway!!!!
SO..... starting Monday we shall email eachother everyday (mine will be in the morning) and keep each other accountible for the next 7 months! Because i would like to loose that too!!!!!!!
What do you say??? :)

I miss my CRU workout with you!!! We were in shape girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!