Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I know I have posted like 3 TIMES today! BUT... help me figure out which save the dates you like the best... Vote in the poll below!

also... make sure to go see Derik's Graduation pics!!!

be sure to comment on why you chose the one you did! :)

Brittney *Melton*



I chose #2 because I love your faces on this one! I love that Derek is laughing and that you are looking at the camera! It was really hard to choose. They all look great Brittney!


I chose number two for reasons including:
*it's happy
*it's my fav



I picked one, because marriage is intimate, not for everyone else, not even the spats; and the first one just looks intimate, in a very pleasing way.

K & B Tell All :)

Ok well is it cheating if I vote more than once...because I totally did!!! I choose two because it is my favorite picture of yall! In my first vote I chose three because it is very artsy (however you spell that:) and you are very artsy! Love you and I cant wait to hear about graduation and your Christmas vacation...I am praising HIM for your vacation!


you probably already decided, but i like number 3 because of the colors.