Monday, December 29, 2008

Long Time No Post

ok, so it's been quite a while since my last post. Over a week now!

So, I thought I'd update y'all with what's been going on.

- Since I won 50% off my very own *custom* invitations from Jaime Kae Paper Studio, I was able to discuss with her over the phone what I'd like. She sent me some sneak peeks today... :)
- Christmas was great! I had the whole week off and I so wish I had more!
- That was my LAST "single" Christmas - as pointed out by Britt
- I'm pretty sure Derik liked his gift :)
- Me and Derik were able to go on a date... our first in a LONG time! Probably our first *alone* date since this summer!!!!
- My mom ordered her dress this weekend for the wedding :) I hope she likes it... she chose purple to go with the colors and I hope it's the right color :) We're pretty certain...
- We *chose*, but have not ordered, the flower girl's dress. It has a ribbon around the waist and I chose for it to be purple. I think it'll be adorable!
- We looked at wedding shoes and still have yet to find me one that is comfortable and cute... I would LOVE peep toe-d shoes!
- I'm on my own these next few days as my parents are in FW with my brother for his b-ball tourney... my other brother is sponsoring the church new year's retreat in B-wood.
- I made a list of the *little* things we have to order/buy for the wedding...
  • cake topper (i need to still call the cake lady about sizes)
  • guest book
  • ring bearer pillow (which my mema might make)
  • flower girl basket
  • save the dates - which I'm TRYING to wait until the end of the week to order. I've entered into a contest to win some... so, just crossing my fingers :)
  • I won custom garters for my wedding, so I need to email her about what i'd like... what do you think? more traditional - ivory/blue (something blue) or should I get something Tech?
- I know these things are a little early... but they're things I need to get done.
- We're 145 days away :)
- Need to go look at tux/suit attire for the guys here in the next month or 2.
- I am beyond words that it is in the 4 MONTHS range... less than 5 is CRAZY to me :)
- Another thing that I am going crazy about... we have 3 days until it is officially 2009- officially the YEAR Derik and I will marry :)
- I'm about to go eat dinner. :) don't know where... :)


Brittney *Melton*


K & B Tell All :)

I love this post...very informative!!! We appreciate the update! You are doing great and you are so organized...I am so proud! Love you bunches!



you're getting married in 2009/dingdong the bells are gonna chiiiimmmme.