Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SUCH a FUN Weekend!

I got back from LBK last night (Monday) and can I just say, that this was such a fun-AWESOME weekend! I did NOT want to go home. Well, I mean, I never really want to go home. But, I DEFINITELY didn't want to this last weekend.

I left Saturday morning (REAL early) and I got to go to the Tech/OSU game! Can I say - AWESOME GAME! That was the MOST fun I've had EVER! Derik and I may go to MORE than one game, if we can help it, next year :)

We didn't really have an agenda - which I love! We hung out and each took naps and ate some Which Wich :) Obviously, we had the game to go to. Which - did I say it was awesome... cause it was.

We ate breakfast with some friends on Sunday morning and got some Starbucks :) Then we just relaxed and watched TV. We decided to do some cooking :) which was SO MUCH FUN! We made our grocery lists and actually went and rented some movies. We made some stir fry (yum) and I made Derik some Taco Soup that he can eat for meals this week. We rented and watched 2 MOVIES! First was M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" - that was so wierd, crazy, and freaky all at the same time. So, we decided we'd watch "Get Smart" to get over the scariness. I'm SO glad we did - what a FUNNY movie! We re-wound parts like 5 times to rewatch them - we were laughing and bawling... I LOVED IT. I have not laughed with Derik that much in SO LONG!

Monday we ran some errands. We returned movies and went to pay off our couches that Derik bought. We also went to J. Keith's Jewelry to buy Derik's wedding band. He's allergic to certain metals, so we got a tungsten metal band instead of a white gold band. We decided to get it now because the only other time we could get it (from J. Keith) would be at Derik's graduation - that would be way too busy of a weekend... so, we ordered it this weekend. Derik will bring it home for Thanksgiving - I already told him that he COULDN'T wear it except to see if it fit. He gave me such a hard time saying I couldn't try on my wedding band - which I haven't!

We came back to Derik's apartment and ate some yummy Taco Soup and the rest of Monday we again each took naps... it was a pretty lazy weekend... but I LOVED THAT!

I had a crazy plane ride home - turbulence THE WHOLE WAY! And I had a layover in Dallas... with MORE turbulence to Austin... there were thunderstorms. I NEVER want to fly like that again... it was bumping constantly.

For now, I'm back home (safe) and ready for Derik to come home for Thanksgiving Break!!!
Some pics for you! :)

So, this is us at the beginning of the game - it was pretty cold ALREADY!


Guns Up for the Red Raiders :) See how cold I was!?

My plane ride view (before the storm) - such a BEAUTIFUL SUNSET.
Reminded me of God's promises!

Love you all!

Brittney *Melton*