Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun "tid-bits"

This is a fun post on what I've seen this week :)

How cute are these to-do lists... I LOVE this site and seem to want to print EVERYTHING on it!

I think these would be a cute idea for my wedding shoes. they have BLUE soles.... 
Oh and also, wouldn't these be a cute idea for my "something blue"?

This site I recently found has TONS of cute DIY stuff. Most for weddings... but they also have some cute ideas for everyday!

This baker has been on Martha Stewart and has a blog called "Bakerella" - she makes the CUTEST things and actually one of her signatures is the "cupcake pop" - check it out!


Brittney *Melton*



Way cute Brittney! I LOVE the idea of I DO in Blue on your Shoes. (Say that really fast... :)

I wish I had the time to make those cupcake pops...those are precious!

Hope all is well with you soon to be Mrs. Melton! :)

Love you!