Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here they are ladies... There are probably too many :) but it was hard to choose... these are some you may not have seen.

Do you have some favs?

Brittney *Melton*


The Carrier's Tell All :)

I LOVE all of them...but my favorite is number 5 (the black and white one). It just looks like yall...I think it is so sweet!!! I do really love them all...I dont think there is a bad picture! Happy graduation weekend!!!! YAY for Derik! Love you, Britt

Courtney Moore

love love love them ALLL! I especially love the fun ones with the bright colors but its hard to pic a fav out of all them!


amy (metz) walker

I am LOVING those pics!!! They are great...but I think one of my favs is the one where he is holding your hand out where you can see your ring!

Ok, somehow just saw your comment about knowing Ed and Liz! So strange! Liz was my friend, Jenn's college roommate. I met them several weeks ago when they moved to GA for Ed's job. They are staying with Jenn for a few weeks while they get settled! Crazy!


i love the one in the street with him kissing you. that made me smile, giggle, and feel warm and happy inside. CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT