Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sneak Peek

I know, I know... I promised you pictures and a recap of our honeymoon (which will be multiple posts... we took SO MANY pictures)... but I just did not get around to it today... TOMORROW - or, at least I hope tomorrow :)

I'm posting our photog's pics directly here... because I just love them so much :)

the little details! :)

I love our colors - that green is my fav!!! APPLE green!

who is that stud muffin in the middle?? - oh wait, that's my hubby :)

I just love his laugh!

I did NOT even notice that it was raining until I came out of the bridal room and was about to walk down the aisle... I did not care in the least bit - it's good luck I hear!!!

These two pics were taken after the ceremony and I agree with my photog that these umbrella pics are my fav!!!

First dance

cake with our "M"

Fun Dancing :)

And we're off!!!


This day was such a whirlwind... I might give you a recap of the rehearsal and dinner the night before (craziness happenings) and then go on with the honeymoon - not sure... but be expecting something soon.

I'll give a full recap of EVERYTHING once I get all the photos in - just a few weeks more :)



Looks like it was a blast..I am soooo glad yall made it back ok!! I was thinking about you..... and you made it back from Mexico without getting swine flue?? Tell me about Mexico!! What was ya''s first dance song? We cant pick one :(


BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!