Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Honeymoon: Day #4

Day #4 we went to the Cabo Mayan Ruins... it contains the tallest pyramid in all of the Yucatan Peninsula AND you can still climb it!!!

This day was HOT and HOT! we also had to walk/hike a lot... Tulum, from the day before, was all kind of centralized. Cabo, was VERY spread out! we probably walked 4-5 miles that day!

We loved it, but kind of wish we had taken the day off... but HEY how often do you get to CLIMB a Mayan Pyramid! not often :)

D wearing my hat
us on the "La Iglesia" - the church
ok - so here is D mad... because my really nice camera that I use for photography, now showed no batteries because I accidentaly left it on all morning :( BUT - we got some pictures of the main attraction... so D - you can smile again :)
"La Iglesia"
D was VERY smart that day! he brought us a wet rag to put on ourselves... it helped a TON!
thanks sweetie!!!
The observatory... it was pointed to magnetic North which our tour guide explained... very smart Mayans!
"Nohoch Mul" the tallest pyramid in all of the Yucatan Peninsula...
see the little people upper left?
D heading up... don't worry... I did too :)
can you see him!??
it was SO STEEP!
lovely view, I know!

the reason they make it so steep is because they were either coming to see the rulers or their God... so, they had to basically crawl (see me) so it MADE them be in reverence to who they were coming to see. interesting.
the view down... oh my!
us at the top
us in the little room at the top (and it was LITTLE)
coming down... really "scooting" I did not want to stand up... did you see the steepness?

D was TIRED - we were definitely ready to go back to the resort! HOT tiring day! but fun! :)
little Mayan shop we stopped at both Ruin tours!
D took this - pretty :)
at the pool bar...
I like this of us :)
before dinner - D picked me another pretty flower :)
he loved these empanadas (spl??) they had cream cheese and corn... they were pretty good!

tomorrow I'll post our LAST full day before we flew out :(:(





nothing to say here... just smiling! everything sounds so great!