Monday, June 8, 2009

Honeymoon: Day #2 (Snorkeling Edition)

Here's a continuation of Day #2 :)

Our Day of Snorkeling - it was SO fun!!! :)

our catamaran
pretty :)
D likes it :)

LOTS of fish!! our guide carried food... so we stayed close to him to see all the fish...
saw LOTS of these striped fish!!
me holding a baby starfish :) it tickled my hand when it moved!
different fish we hadn't seen...
getting back on the boat

After snorkeling, we went jet skiing to a "cenote" - cavern that connects to land (fresh water to salt water)
our guide took one in the "cenote" looking up
me "trying" to dive down... it pops your ears a lot though :(
D trying
trying again :)
me trying again...
us on our jet ski :)
oh well if we didn't make it to the bottom - it was FUN!

**** I TOTALLY FORGOT - but we saw a sting ray and a blow fish... I'll have to add those pics later****