Friday, June 12, 2009

Honeymoon: Our Journey Home

Well, it's the saddest post ever - haha - not really... but it was the saddest day... I DID NOT want to leave... seriously DID NOT WANT TO! :)

We loved it SO much! Aventura Spa Palace treated us WELL :)
If you're looking for a place to go for a honeymoon or vacation... GO THERE!

This was the view from our "balcony". We were sad at first that we were the only ones without a hammock, we were an end room... but, we didn't even go outside until the LAST DAY! what were we thinking? :)
Us on the Balcony - last day :(

D being silly :)
This was our view from the restaurant at breakfast EVERY morning... B-E-A-UTIFUL!
our Lobby's Courtyard
Pouty faces because we don't want to go :(
Us tired on the plane... no we're not asleep :)
Cancun coastline flying out... that water is too gorgeous!
This resort (with the red rooftops) is ANOTHER Palace... it's the Moon Palace Golf & Spa RESORT... maybe we'll try that next time :) haha!


ALSO - We JUST got our online proof of all the photos - AMAZING!
If you want to see more on my photographer's website... visit, then click on "FEATURED" then click on "Brittney & Derik"

I'll get our full DVD of photos soon... and you KNOW I'll be sharing those :)