Thursday, June 4, 2009

Honeymoon: Day #2

This was the day we went snorkeling... I might have to do a separate post on our snorkeling pics... well, cause I don't have them with me... (i'm at work, and they're at home)

But, I don't even know if they're blog worthy... we took some with an under water camera, but I'll show them to you anyways :) - tomorrow!

Here we are waiting for the bus to go snorkeling on the Palancar Barrier Reef - the 2nd largest coral reef, next to Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The other lobby - this place had 1200 rooms and was so big... we had to go to the other lobby, which by the way, our room was on the OTHER end... lots of walking - but so worth it :)
Tired us :)
These bumps (kind of act as speed bumps) were EVERYWHERE! D said that that the US probably made too many and Mexico said we'll take them :) haha! they were REALLY big...
us on the catamaran
our other snorkelers :)
wife :)
us about to leave... we went snorkeling and then we went jet skiing and more snorkeling in a cenote... underwater cavern :) I'll post more pics of snorkeling tomorrow - hopefully :)
sleeping - he didn't know I took this :0 ha!
Dinner that night - we tried the oriental place, it was just ok... I tried some sushi... never had any, it was ehh :/
and me - BURNT after snorkeling- ouch :(
The next day we visited some ruins... check back later this week :)