Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Honeymoon: Day #3 including a TAXI RIDE!

This is now my second attempt at this - ugggh! haha! and there are LOTS of pics!!!

We went to Tulum, some Mayan Ruins, they were beautiful and so was the BEACH!

Anyways... this was by far D's favorite day! It was a very EVENTFUL day - and you'll see why!
DAIRY QUEEN in MEXICO = Craziness!
He wanted $5 to take a pic of this HUGE iguana... I snuck one in :)
on the train heading back to the ruins
Entrance into Tulum

another one

and another one

I love this picture with the purple plants, I don't know why... just do :)

and another one
they eat these red flowers
THE BEACH! this is on Discovery Channel's top 10 beaches in the world - it was BEAUTIFUL!

heading down to the beach

so pretty
there are 2 iguanas in this picture... one little one above D's head and a large on on the rock
D with a coconut :)
me with an iguana

D is in the ocean behind me
being silly

after this sand picture... we head back up to the front to take the train to the very front...

here is where the adventure begins...

We were LEFT!!! our tour bus LEFT US! the buses were NOT THERE! I was freaking out... mentally... we had our backpack on the bus and D's wallet (we thought at the time it was on the bus, but we had it) so... we had to take a MEXICAN TAXI! the man only spoke Spanish, which I'm ok at... but I'm not fluent... I can just speak broken sentences. We took the taxi to the next stop... or where we hoped the next stop would be. We make it to our destination and the Taxi Drive tried to con us into spending more than we were told. His manager told us we'd be paying $17 for the trip... we had nother couple with us that were left as well... so $17 2 ways isn't bad. He was tryiing to get us tot pay $25... we ended up payiing $20, but he argued that we had to turn around... what??... we didn't even go as far as he thought we were. We saw our buses at a shop that we were told we'd stop at... oh well - we'll remember that for the rest of our lives

got left and took a taxi on our honemoon :)

We are here at our next desination... a little mad... we just found out that the tour guide had the bus take a vote and everyone voted that they LEAVE US!!! how rude... granted, we were about 10 minutes late because the train wasn't back from the front to get us yet... but I would wait 10 mintues for someone... you're on vacation people!!! don't be in a hurry!

at another resort - Xpu-Ha Palace...
at the pool... and my stud with the towels :)

I was exhausted... but D picked a pretty flower for me to wear :)
Dinner that evening was YUMMY! it was at the resort's italian restaurant... YUM!

Tiramisu that D was disappointed at... he's used to Olive Garden's... this was a little different...
MAYAN coffee! yum! they made it with coffee, vanilla liquor, and lit it on fire... it was like a show and we wanted to get one every night after :)
mustache... so D wanted me to do it too :)

mustache for me :)

If you read and looked at ALL of this... you are AWESOME! thanks for sticking with me!
Day #4 tomorrow :)