Thursday, June 11, 2009

Honeymoon: Day #5

This day - we took the advantage of, stay at ONE Palace... play at ALL Palaces...

the bus leaves in the morning and has one pick up time for each of the Resorts. We went to Playa De Carmen for the day and shopped and lounged at Playacar Palace's pool and beach.

Here we are on the bus - look at weirdo guy in the right corner of the pic (red shirt) :/ haha!
us shopping downtown on 5th Ave.
this street led to the pier where we could've gone to Cozumel via Ferry... but it was $12 pp each way... :/ maybe next time!
I thought these were funny - Senor Frogs
me - love that BLUE water
We went into like 3-4 shops...
this is Playacar Palace - very nice... but I LOVED ours so much better, we both did...
but we BOTH loved this orange flowering tree... the orange was SO vibrant and the tree leaves were REALLY green! one of our favs :)
water camera time... D being silly...
he said it was my turn... I guess we were "trying" to be models... just having a little fun :)
YAY for the beach! :)
at the pool... under the umbrella for most of the rest of the day... I started getting a heat rash from being outside too long :( it was NOT fun!
At first I thought it was our drinks... we were experimenting and trying new ones... We got a Blue Hawaiian - YUM!!! but, D went to ask the lifeguard about my rash and the lifeguard just said "You have TOO MUCH sun!" haha! ok ok :(
they had a foot pool you could stand in... the ocean is actually down from that ledge... but it looks like one
D sleeping AGAIN! :) I like to sneak pics of him sleeping!
lunch time with ICE CREAM! good way to cool off :) see the blue drink to the left - that's a Blue Hawaiian - yum! It is basically a Piña colada with Blue Curaçao - a kind of liquor...
I was exhausted and HOT here... my heat rash started bothering me and it was itching... not really the way I wanted to end our last day - oh well! :(
ok - time to be just a little silly!
ow owWW! - oh sorry... but, that's my husband! :)
The last dinner of our honeymoon :(

Tomorrow I'll include our journey home... so sad :(



I am loving the day by day breakdown!!!! I feel like I went on a Mexican Vacation! I am so glad yall had fun! Call me when you get a chance! Love you!!!



hehehehehehe :-)

I love your captions!