Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Honeymoon: Getting there and Day #1

I'm going to go through the whole week day by day (or 2 days at a time) we took SO MANY pictures... I think over 600... but not quite sure.

We got married on May 23 (Saturday) - YAY! and left EARLY Sunday morning to catch our plane to Cancun (well really, first we had a layover in DFW)...

Here is our first day on our honeymoon :)

Leaving for the airport:

Took pictures of our car... it got decorated... but since we left at 10:30p from the reception, we didn't get to see it all :)

My brother wrote something fun on one of the windows - oh my!!

SO TIRED... here we are waiting at our gate
on the airplane...
married hands :)
Leaving Texas
Entering Cancun area :)
YAY we're HERE!!! us at the airport...
Resort entrance...
Our room
It was raining and cloudy the first day... we got there later than we thought... so we just walked around and ate dinner later...
Hubby :) on our first night at dinner
And me...
here's the both of us :)
the next morning we walked around more and just lounged ALL day... at the lagoon beach and the pools - here's us at our lobby sign :)
This has to be BY FAR... my fav pic of our resort area...
I loved this day...
so relaxing!
husband :) tee hee - still so funny to say!
us at the pool bar being silly!
the ladies decorated our room different, and made our bed different every day. We sadly only used this hot tub (which was IN the room - too cool) once because got burnt :(
This is my new FAV pic of us... I don't know why, but I love it! Dinner that night at the resort's steakhouse - I love all-inclusive... :)
I'll post our next couple days tomorrow...

I miss it already!!!



*SOOOO* perfect!!!!!! I loved all the pics!!! So many of them reminded me of mine...married hands :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

I am so glad ya'll had a great time!!! The place look beautiful!!
I love you Mrs. Melton!!!!!!

Hugs sweet friend!!


So pretty pictures! Sounds like a perfect honeymoon!



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