Monday, March 9, 2009

New Blog Design (& something a little embarrassing)

Well, I'm trying a new blog design out (courtesy of smitten blog designs)

It's really cute... purple is in my wedding - so why not. But, I'm having trouble putting my blog title that I made back on. It shows, but it's like too low and not in the little { } things.

Oh well - it's cute none the less.

Invitations should be coming soon... maybe end of this week/beginning of next week. Can't wait to show you all! :)

Here's a pic of the guys tuxes:
courtesy: Tuxedo Junction
(the pin stripes in the vest are not NEARLY as noticeable as they are on here... they are more subtle and I love them!) D will have an ivory/white vest and tie)

This weekend was my 2nd and FINAL fitting... I'm being fitted early so it can be ready for bridal portraits, which is April 4th WOO HOO! I'm excited... I'll be traveling to Dallas and having a girls weekend with my mom. How fun!

I have to share some embarrassing stories. I've never had a problem with fainting until I had to do a blood test a few years back... I looked at the needle and FAINTED! I've also fainted when an old (like HS old) boyfriend broke up with me (how embarassing!) I've recently taken Accutane for my face... I am now off the medication (YAY) but... every month I have had to do a blood test and I've gotten a lot better about NOT looking at the needle - haha!

During my dress fitting... the time in which the lady was fixing my hem. She kept saying, "don't look down" cause it would cause the dress to raise a little bit... so look straight I did. Well... she does her alteratons out of her house. It is hot. I was starting to sweat. The dress was a little bit tight and I couldn't breathe very well. I looked at my mom and she could tell I wasn't feeling well. I told her to get me some water. I thought I could handle it. But, I FINALLY just told the lady... I NEED to sit down! She was sweet and brought me water and candy... haha! I THANKFULLY didn't fully faint... but I was pale and did not feel right. I was sweating and hot... I think I may have locked my legs.

LORD!!! please oh please do not let me faint at my wedding!!! I've already given D a hard time about eating the day of and not fainting... now, what if I faint. I've seen tons of those youtube videos where the groom (or even the minister) faint! oh please Lord - I pray that's not me!!!

On another note - do you remember this post? - the one where I was telling you I felt vey self-concious about a certain area. Well... now that my dress fitted to me. I noticed it EVEN more... I was a little disappointed! My mom thought it was not big deal, but I felt like I was on DISPLAY ladies! My girls were out and about and I was not having it! The lady asked if everything was ok and if it fitted the way I wanted. I told her I was really worried about my top area. She immediately went and got a scrap piece of material from my dress and showed me a picture of another girl who had a similar problem. She started pinning it to the top of my dress to make another piece. Thing is - I LOVE IT EVEN MORE NOW!!!! It added so much to the dress... kind of completed the way the top looked... I don't feel as uncomfortable... I love it!!!

Another problem I'm facing is the folds around said "area". Do you know what I mean? right where your arm folds (near your under-arms)? Do you know of any dress tape (or whatever you call it) that can pull those folds down. Am I being really really too self-concious about this? What do you think? Have you heard/used of any said tape??



I am glad to hear that your seamstress' idea of adding an additional piece of fabric to the top made the dress look even more beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures!