Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Is this for REAL!!! I cannot believe it is 80 days away! or even more, a little over 2 months 2 weeks!!! oh my gosh!

I still haven't even started looking for jewelry (well in stores that is) I found some great stuff online, but I think I kind of need to see it in front of my face to buy it... I don't know, maybe I'll take the plunge???

I'm going for pearl jewelry and I want something really simple but elegant! I would rather have really AMAZING earrings and no necklace... I think it'll distract from my dress if I wear a necklace... just SIMPLE!!!

What do you think?

FIRST - Go to THIS site... AMAZING...Anna Bellagio... I found WAY too much stuff there to post here... so just go check it out - seriously!!!

Here are some things I've found...

courtesy: esty shopper - Belle Nouvelle Designs
courtesy: 1928 jewelry
courtesy: Zales

Here is a ring that I REALLY love... it keeps going on and off sale at Macy's... but goodness... I love it!!

courtesy: Macy's

What kind of jewelry are you wearing in your wedding???

Brittney *Melton*


The Polka Dotted Owl

love the two earrings! Anything vintagie, I am all over it.


i love all the pearls. great choice and the ring is SO gorgeous. i may have to go check that out ;) but i can't believe it's only 80 days for both of us!!!!! wow it is creeping up! i'm excited but i'm so not ready yet!