Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things lately...

Is it really and truly almost 2 months away! OH MY GOSH!

We have a lot to do before then! ahhh!

Here's next week (and this weekend):

Saturday: helping a friend with wedding photos - fun :) and also FINISHING invites :) Once they are all put together I will for sure put a picture on here :) They are beauts!
Sunday: Probably still inviting it up :)
Monday: appointment with dermatologist and getting organized (OFFICIALLY 2 MONTHS!!!)
Tuesday: Hair appointment to get a fresh cut and also some subtle highlights for the big day (may do it once more before the actual day though)
Wednesday: another appointment scheduled and I need to think about my bouquet for the portraits... make a simple one or have my florist make one?
Thursday and Friday I don't have anything planned right now, but I have a lot to knock off that list! I'll probably go price out candles and talk with a wedding coordinator that we know (family friend) about some vendors she can hook us up with for decor. I also need to start figuring out our wedding day schedule for programs (and for my sanity)
Saturday: I have a Senior Portrait Session scheduled for my side photography business and we are meeting with our Reception Venue coordinator to have a taste testing and also to nail down more details about seating and table placements etc.
Sunday: BRIDAL SHOWER!!!! :)

I can't go to the next week because I'm already tired :) BUT - I do have to mention that I'll be getting my bridal portraits taken in about 2 weeks :) how fun!

Can't wait for this next week to start! Come on Friday :)


Courtney Moore

Wooo hooo girl you've got some busy times a head but soooo fun! I'm excited to see your bridal portraits!! Love you!


Wow! You are going to be a BUSY lady!!! Have fun and good luck with the bridal portraits!