Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who doesn't LOVE saving Money?

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Retail Me Not???

Oh my gosh... it's wonderful. There are all kinds of coupon codes that you can copy and paste into tons of online websites. SAVINGS!!!

For all you brides-to-be... how wonderful would it be to get money off your honeymoon attire. (both day and night) :) They have coupons for "VS" for Old Navy... Gap... etc.

All you have to do is type in your store's website... and it will show you all the coupon codes that they have. Some are not current, so just be sure to check if there's an expiration date etc. Most work. I saved $20 off my $100 purchase for 2 bathing suits from VS. I also saved about $15-20 on my save the dates with a coupon code I found for Magnet Streets

Check it out!!!

Another fav is Beat My Price all you do is enter in the item you are looking for. Where you found it first (web page) and how much it is on that site. It'll give you a dozen other options of cheaper prices from other sites...

ENJOY!!! :)



I can't wait to check out that website! Thanks!


Wow! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be visiting those sites next time I go shopping!