Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, now that the invites are out... I thought I'd post about them here :) [pics included]

I worked with the wonderful Jaime Kae Paper Studios - I won a blog contest back before the Christmas season and was able to get 50% off! :)

without further a due... the invitations themselves :)

stamped and ready to go :) there's WAY too many :)

and here they are in my car... ready to be sent off :) YAY!


Courtney Moore

WOW Britt they are gorgeous!!!! I love them! Isn't it great to know that is over and done with?! Whew. Sorry I didn't respond to your comment box question. I guess you figured it out? I don't know how I did it... I don't think I knew I changed anything!


Your invites turned out gorgeous!!! Congratulations on getting them in the mail. Now the fun part starts - receiving the RSVP's back! Have fun! :-)


BEAUTIFUL invites!!!