Monday, March 23, 2009


What in the World!!! How can it be that in 8 Saturday's I will be Mrs. Melton!!!!


Invitations are complete :) I will post a pic sometime this week... It was actually pretty relaxing putting them all together :) D laughed when I said that...

tomorrow I have my hair appointment and I'll be chatting with the stylist about hopeful haircuts for my bridal portraits and of course for the BIG day :)

Sadly, I can't pick up my dress tomorrow and I am BUMMED out! The alteration lady has been out of town and wasn't able to work on my dress :( I can't pick it up until next Wednesday! BUT - it's ok, because I don't have to have it ready until Saturday. I'll just take it to get steamed after I pick it up :)

Oh and I've had a bad case of register-stalking. If you've never heard of this... well... it's just too easy. We've already gotten some things off our registry :)

- crock pot - CHECK!
- coffee maker - CHECK!
- couple of place settings - CHECK!

YAY! Shower on Sunday :)


Courtney Moore

hahahaha register stalking! I love it. I did it too but I always felt bad cause I felt like it was peeking under the Christmas tree or something! HAHA!


wow 8 saturdays..i hadn't thought about it that way yet!! i totally stalk my registries :)


Haha! I have a feeling that I will be a registry stalker too! My mom told me that I shouldn't but she will NEVER know! haha!

Wow, I feel like when you say 8 Saturdays left until the wedding it puts it in perspective even more!