Monday, March 16, 2009

to Mexico or not to Mexico???

We purchased our honeymoon package back in October!!!

Yes I know - early for May, but I thought we'd pay a better deal then than now. Boy, am I wrong. I found our trip EXACTLY (flight and all)... it was about $500 less now than then - on the same website!

Plus, with all this "stuff" going on along the Mexcian border (if you haven't heard - read/view here and here) ~ some of this is very grueling so just forewarning ~ we really were worried and didn't know what to do.

We called our rounds (the website we purchased it from, the airlines, the resort itself) and the resort actually gave us the most information. Read here.

We are still a little worried... but we feel that it is safe now that we've heard it from the resort itself and read the news update. We were thinking about changing our trip altogether!

So, going back to the $500 less thing... we called the website again. They told us that we have to pay our trip in full to make any change. Ok... we reply with "so when we pay our trip in full... can we then make changes?" and then she says - "no" what are we supposed to do?? I guess we'll have to forfeit our $500?? Her reasoning was that that rate is locked in when you book... so, for example, if you purchase your trip in October and it goes up... you don't have to pay the difference... so for us (since it went down) we cannot recieve the difference.

D thinks we should cancel our hotel/resort and rebook. We already have our flights, so it's just cancelling the hotel... what do you think?? will it work??

have any of you recently gone to Mexico or are planning on going soon? what do you think of all of that's going on??



Even with everything going on I still think going to Mexico is perfectly fine. That being said, there are a few things that I would highly recommend:
1. Book excursions/site seeing through your hotel. Yes you could go off the beaten path and maybe book it cheaper but doing so could be dangerous.
2. Don't go off the beaten path. Stay in tourist areas and site see in tourist areas. Unfortunately, with everything going on, now is not the time to just wander around Mexico.
3. Utilize the concierge desk for eateries, site seeing, etc. They know what areas to see and what to stay away from.

Hopefully all works out well and you have a wonderful trip! And I agree, cancel the hotel room and re-book it at the cheaper rate!