Monday, August 24, 2009

UGH! Can't we just CLOSE!? FINALLY!?

I had a very lovely blog post planned for this day... you see... It was going to be about us FINALLY getting our own house and going to our closing and FINALLY get to receive the keys to our house and FINALLY getting to be able to live with my husband ALONE!?

Well, I have to scratch all that loveliness, because our closing is being pushed BACK! yes, back! not forward... BACK to when!? oh a WHOLE WEEK!

Now, I'm not trying to be "Debbie Downer" it's not like we lost our house or have to start over (oh, please let that not happen) but... I got a call from our lender saying we're good on our end, and we're approved. Our mortgage company just didn't send the paperwork to be approved by USDA on time. We've been approved for 2 WEEKS! and they hadn't sent it YET! so our Lender made a quick run to send it to USDA and they said it will take 5 days... so, obviously 5 days is longer than 2 which is when we would have closed. But, now we get to wait until NEXT WEEK!

I'm so frustrated that I could just cry!

We had it all planned out. We even called ahead for our utilities to be set up Thursday... now we have to switch it all around AGAIN! We had move-in plans all ready... Took off of work (now we have to change that) and I bought all these cleaning supplies today. Now we have to WAIT! I hate all this run-around/changing and am just ready to MOVE-IN!

We've been living with my parents since we've been married. And, while I'm thankful for them helping us, I am ready to be with my husband ~ ALONE!

[sigh] so so so ready!