Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthdays :)

2 weeks ago was my birthday, and TODAY is D's birthday! I love that our birthday's are so close... it's kind of fun :)

Tonight we're going to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" - isn't he sweet to do that on his bday :) Well, we rented and watched "Wolverine" on my birthday... so it's only fitting :)

Since today's D's birthday... I just wanted to say a few things...
Babe - I love you so much - there are no words that I can say to make that anymore apparent... because I just really do love you. So, there! :) I hope that this birthday leaves you feeling loved and appreciated for all that you do for us. I can't wait to start our home together and cannot wait to get all settled and moved in. You mean the world to me. You push me to be a better person and are there for me to cry with when I need it. Happy 24th birthday babe! With all my love!
Well, on my birthday, I told D "can we just get away". I was feeling stressed about everything that has been going on and I just wanted a quiet evening to ourselves. So, that's exactly what we did. We went to San Antonio, TX and walked along the River Walk and ate... really relaxing.

Here are some pictures of our San Antonio River Walk excursions:

The first impression of the hotel was amazing! It's so cute inside...
It's an historic hotel: Sheraton Gunther (I've heard it is haunted??)
Now that D gets State rate for hotels... we were really excited to get a good deal :)

They even had this old school mailbox slot/shoot that went down all the floors at the elevator.
So, if we wanted to mail something, we would drop it down from our floor (8th floor) and it would land here... I thought that was really interesting...

our cute little room
this bathroom was tiny, but oh so cute... look at this old pedestal sink :)

another view of the room
us at dinner the first night... can't go to the River Walk without getting some good Mexican food... and that we did :)
Here's our chips and salsa (in a neat little contraption - both of us had salsa on our own sides)... we were being a little silly

Our hotel... really fun little place... IT was about a block from the River Walk itself. Next time, we decided we'd stay on the river...
This was right across the street - The Majestic. They have some broadway plays come through... but none while we were there :)

love this pic of us at breakfast the next morning - YUM-O Cinnamon rolls that were the size of my face... I was mad that I didn't get a pic of them - they were huge! I wish D's head wasn't cut off though :(
pretty River Walk
pretty old church

cool looking art/statue...
of course - the Alamo!
a lady kindly took our picture :)
pretty little walkway inside the Alamo...

I'm taking D to his fav restaurant tomorrow - Pappadeaux's :)

I love birthdays :)