Friday, August 14, 2009

Show us Your Life: Favorite Vacation Spots

Ok, so I know I already showed you my honeymoon... but there will be more fav photos :) and also, a trip to Winter Park Colorado - I LOVE SKIING!

love our resort so much! it was beautiful and such a wonderful place for honeymooners!

pretty pretty blue water!

Us at the entrance to Tulum
The next day we went to Coba - another Mayan Ruins in Cancun area... we actually climbed this!

no really, see, we climbed it!

Here's the view down...
Later that day at the resort... loved just laying around...

leaving Cancun... look at that WATER!

Now on to some colder weather :) My family went to Winter Park Colorado in March of 2008...
I really do love this place and skiing!

How great is our Creator!

us on the lifts...
All the boys (and me) Al, D, My dad (he's the one being goofy) and Kev

D on the slops

me on the slops... I know... my hat looks weird...

pretty views

We made a snowman... and seriously... look how long D's hair is!
He pretty much had an Afro

Here are a few videos of the guys trying to go by me as fast as they can...
I guess it's a guy thing - but they really didn't look like they were going that fast on video huh!?