Monday, August 3, 2009

Show us Your Life: Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony

It's time once again (well actually I'm a lot late on this one) for Kelly's Korner and her Show us Your Life posts :)

I love these things :) I was mad I couldn't on Friday because I did NOT have internet... haha what did we ever do without internet people - really!?

Without further ado... here are our wedding flowers and Wedding Party along with our ceremony events :)

my lovely flowers :) I loved them - even if one of the flowers was the "wrong" one used haha!
me and my hot bridesmaids :)
2 of my BEST college friends... I wish I could see them everyday :(
strutting our stuff - haha!

Jo, Britt, me, Janeane, and Shan :)
pretty flowers :)
me and my dad - LOVE it!
The mother's/grandmother's walked in to Twila Paris' "How Beautiful" I told my mom I'd probably cry when I heard it playing... but I didn't! My Dad gave me some wonderful words that I will always remember!!!
D's expression :)
so great - love it!
Dad giving me away
and here we are :)
one of my fav ceremony shots... so much emotion I think!

unity candle
we had some fun moments during our unity candle song. We had the Newsong/Natalie Grant version of "When God Made You" - it is an AMAZING song and I am so glad I stumbled upon it many months before the wedding!
YAY! Mr. & Mrs. :)
Here is the whole Bridal Party... haha!

Hope you enjoyed - see you this Friday :)