Thursday, August 13, 2009

Etsy Home Finds :)

Ok, so I in honor of getting a house :) come on AUGUST 26th!!!

I've been looking at some cute decorating ideas. I love Etsy and could probably look at it all day!

from savoiefairephoto's etsy store

Ok, how unbelievably cool... could I have a "Melton" please :)

from LynnCardwellPottery etsy store

*****ok, so update, I bought the leaves :)*****

I really love these little leaves... you could use them as candle holders... spoon rests or a soap dish... or my favorite - jewelry holder

from StudioMarlene etsy store

I love all these 12x12 prints that this girl has... so fun!

from fruitflypie etsy store

I also thought this little frog guy was super cute too... I can put him next to our kitchen sink and keep sponges/wash cloths in his mouth :)

Who knows, maybe I'll splurge and get 2 of these items :)
SOOO looking forward to being able to buy things for MY house!

After we got back from the honeymoon... we opened up ALL our wedding gifts. We got so many and are so thankful. They are all opened, but they are all being stored in my dad's study room. So, it's really going to be like opening them all over again when we move all our stuff to the new house! I've just about forgot what we do have... but I started making a list of what we'll need and can't WAIT to use all those Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards we got. D says I need to wait until we get started moving in (so we don't have to store all these items) - I can't WAIT! It's going to be like Christmas!!! :)



I LOVE Etsy!!! I'm totally an addict!!!
Not that you need it, but if you do need help, do not hesitate to call your FAV Interior Designer!! :) I have ALL the paint decks :)!!!
Can't wait to see your new home!