Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So... we have a HOUSE!

This has been one long week and I'm sorry for the brief/non-existent posting last week.

Sit back, this is long post...

Ok, recap of last week:

MONDAY 8/31:
We really thought we'd close on Tuesday or Wednesday. After not making Closing on the 26th (the Wednesday before) and being told maybe by Friday... to Friday, them telling us not until next week and maybe not Monday... we were VERY surprised when they were ready to go Monday. They were frantically trying to make it all happen. I called my boss to see if I could come into work a little later or take an hour off to go to Closing. He said my co-worker was gone sick that day and that I would not be able to leave. To say I was bummed is an understatement! I was mad that we had waited so long and had the run around about when we'd close that I didn't want to push it back anymore! D was able to leave (his boss let him) and he had to drive in and get our closing cashier's check (because we hadn't been told the final amount yet).

They asked me, "can you make closing at 4pm?" - oh my gosh 4-5pm is the time when I most need to be at work. I have to help prepare any needs/graphics for the 5pm newscast and that would be pretty bad if I left during then - ESPECIALLY with me being the only graphic artist here at the time. So... I said that I could possibly make it at 5pm if someone covered my prompting (I prompt every day at 5pm) I asked the guy who I ALWAYS fill in for and he said "sure, you always help me out, so that's no problem!" PTL!!!! So, D came and met me at work and we made our way over to the Title office. Which, was like a block away from my work :) haha!

quick and easy... took about 45 mins. - AND we were now HOME OWNERS! :)

That evening:
I was so so SOOO bummed that I didn't get to help move-in my own house that evening. I work 1:30-10:30pm M-F so there was no way I could help move-in... I had to get back to work. But, I made sure that D and I went in the house together and FIRST!!! It was so important to me... I mean... it's OUR house, and if I couldn't help move-in... please let me go see it with my HUSBAND!?

So, we picked up McD's (wonderful I know) and at our first meal in our house :) I had a happy meal :) tee hee!

carried me over the threshold and I will always remember that. We twirled around in the living room a couple times - YAY!

We told my Mom to come over (and brother too - dad was still at work) to wait for everyone else to come over. D went to his storage shed and, along with my parents/bro, his uncles and mom & dad, helped us (well, I wasn't there of course) move-in all of our living room/dining room furniture/washer/dryer and all of D's stuff boxed up from college! Wheew!

After work:
We went to visit the house and bring a few more items over... I wanted to stay that night, but all of our stuff was still in my old room at mom & dad's. BOO!

It's still weird to transition from saying "my house" = mom & dad's to "my house" = no really it's my house :) haha!

We had water set up the week before (when we thought we'd be closing) BUT, electricity wouldn't be set up until this day. I went over and cleaned all the cabinets out (eww) and swept/mopped floors. My mom didn't understand why, since we'd be tracking and moving stuff in the rest of the week, but I just felt better to get it clean to MY standards ya know?! I just felt "icky". Let me just tell you that - it was HOT in that house! I sweated so much... it was like 100+ degrees outside people! It's TEXAS! BUT - I had a clean house :)

that evening:
D brought over a lot of our wedding gifts (which were still boxed up - I even forgot what we had gotten!) so I could unpack them the next day. I so wanted to stay there that evening... but, D said he wouldn't feel settled. He had a big day at work the next day, and all of our clothes were at mom & dad's and we'd have to pack things to shower/brush teeth etc. So, I was not happy about it... but I stayed at mom & dad's one last night.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my mom & dad very much and it has nothing to do with them... I was just ready to be on our own, by ourselves... in OUR house! That was what was important. But, we did bring some more things over and set up our makeshift bed for now.

D promised me we'd stay this evening so I was very excited! I brought over all our closet clothes and all our toiletries. I started washing towels (so we wouldn't get "fuzzies" from the new-ness, does anyone else know what I'm talking about?).

I started unpacking ALL our wedding presents - oh my gosh it was so fun!

I've never ever lived on my own with my own kitchen. Actually I've never had my own kitchen. Just mom & dad's. So, THIS was very fun. I really need to learn how to cook now. I hope I can make good food :/

We had the gas set up this day... But, they didn't do it while I was there, no, they decided to do it while I was at work. So, I had to call my mom (who thankfully left work and met my brother) to stay while the guy set it all up. Someone had to be there or we would've had to pay a fine and set it up another day. gees! :/

Also - our FRIDGE was delivered that day :)

that evening:
D went and got the rest of our wedding gifts for me to put up the next morning

Our parents helped us set up a few more things...

We stayed in OUR house... by ourselves! :)

TODAY WAS MY DAD'S 50th b-day :) :) :)

This was the first morning to wake up in our house :) I was too excited that I didn't really sleep well our first night - haha!

I finished almost ALL of the unpacking and washing of all of our wedding presents.

I also went to the grocery store because, well, we had NOTHING. We had to get all the basics, sugar... flour... salt... pepper... you name it, I got it :) well, ok, maybe not all of it, but a lot haha!

We also had the cable/internet set up that day... D was very excited about this :)

I made cookies in OUR stove :)

I invited my college freshman brother over for said cookies :)

I finished cleaning up and unpacking/washing the few items we had left from our wedding presents.

I compacted ALL of our wedding present trash the best I could for trash day.

I figured out what mailbox we were - #10 :) I had to basically try all the mailboxes til our key fit, because... well, we weren't told which mailbox was ours - haha!

that evening:
I rented movies to watch in OUR house :)

We took ALLLLL of our trash to the curb... oh my gosh (and yes I have pictures) it was a LOT!!! Trash day is on Saturday.

I was worried they'd charge us for the overage of trash.

D's mom & dad invited his aunt & uncle over :/ I wasn't too excited, but there's nothing I could do. I was happy to see them all, but just wish I could've invited them instead of the in-laws deciding to invite them over. Oh well! Wish I could've enjoyed our Saturday to ourselves. But glad to show off our house :)

The trash came and they DID take it all :)

We went shopping for a few things - like towel bars...

My mom came over and helped us trim our front bushes... they were SUPER tall and kind of a security issue - someone could've SO hid behind those...

We also trimmed our trees.

We ran to buy some lawn supplies and a vacuum while my mom finished the rest. She could've waited and she SHOULD'VE, but she didn't... we were gone like 45 mins. and came back and she was done! gees mom! way-to-go!

that evening:
We invited our first friends over! We hung out and watched football and ate some Freebirds.

I was ZONKED... I fell asleep hard!

We had all our family who hadn't really seen the house over for burgers. My mom and dad brought over their grill.

So, I hosted my first party :) It was fun.

We only have 12 cups... and well, we used them all.

We also learned that our fridge doesn't make much ice. Maybe 10 cups worth. So, college freshman brother ran and got us some :) thanks AL!!!!

I gave the tour of the house to my grandparents... they loved it and my Mema said that my kitchen is MUCH larger than her first kitchen was - haha!

We chilled and napped in our living room watching football.

that evening:
We had our first wedding to attend to, since we've been married. It was fun.

They had an anniversary dance, and well, we were out of the dance pretty quick. But, that's ok :) The DJ said "married less than 1 day" and then "married less than one year" and well... that was that :)

We watched another movie.

MONDAY 9/7 (Labor Day 2009):
Well, so much for people taking labor day off (well, I did... but it wasn't much of a day off)...

D went and helped his dad build us some desks.

My mom and I PAINTED the living room and mopped the floors. Tiring, but oh so worth it!

I LOVE the paint color of our living room - "Toasted Wheat"... feels really warm. The previous owners were smokers and my mom said painting would help cover up the smell. It doesn't always smell of smoke, because I've been using reed diffusers and candles non-stop... but I know this will help, AND I like it cause we could do and paint whatever we wanted :)

that evening:
Went to Logan's Roadhouse for Dad's b-day with everyone.

Dad had to stand up while our waiter asked the restaurant to give him a "YEE-HAW" for his birthday. Haha! Dad didn't want to get up, but, we all yelled (and yes I got a picture - and video). The man said he was turning 21 - haha!

I woke up and painted half of our bathroom... love the blue - "Rain Washed"

Ran to Kohl's to exchange some wedding presents.

Bought more Paint Rollers for the rest of the house. We'll be painting the rest of our bathroom later this week (with mom's help) and eventually we'll paint one wall a steel gray/blue in our Master Bedroom, and one wall RED (a la Texas Tech) in the front room (our office).

I changed our Postal Address to start receiving mail at our new address :)

I changed our Bank Account address and ordered new checks with our new address...

I need to change my DL (again)...

I'm LOVING our house!

Tomorrow maybe I will just chill and not do so much :) haha!

Next post will include all these pictures I've been mentioning :)


Jessica @ budgetsavvybride

congrats! so exciting for you!!!

moving is so not fun but it will be worth it to be in our own space!! I am dreading all the paperwork though. Changing our address with USPS, my drivers license, our checks, any bills... I feel like I just finished changing everything from when we got married! LOL

PS- where are the pics??? :)