Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paint Color

Ok, So, I might need some of you blogger peeps help regarding paint color for our bedroom

If you didn't see it in my last post (see below) here is our bedroom

The bedding set is a navy/slate blue...

I was thinking of this color:

from Behr

It's called "Silver Hill"
We were wanting a gray/blue slate color and I think this works


Should we paint just one wall? 2? all of them?

Originally I was thinking just the wall with the headboard... but Derik thinks "why? it's mostly covered up anyways and the headboard is already a statement..." So, then we were thinking the wall on the left when you walk in. It's a long wall that we plan on doing a photo frame collage on... but then I feel like painting it all - but Derik thinks it'll be too dark in our room then.

anyone have any suggestions!?

We (Derik) wanted to paint a red wall in our office as an accent wall... and I like that idea, but I've heard bad things about red. I know it doesn't "resell" well, and we can paint then, that's no problem... but I hear it takes a lot of coats and sometimes red doesn't turn out right from "paint card color" to "wall color"... So, here's where I need your help again...

Here's the room:

We want to paint the wall with the window... and disregard Derik - I have NO idea what he is doing - haha!

Here's the colors:

from Behr

I originally spotted "Ruby Ring"... but Derik want it to be true Texas Tech red... so he chose "Licorice Stick" but I just think it'll be way too vibrant and bright - like a fire truck ya know!?
So - what do you think...? the "California Poppy" is in between these two shades - I think it's a little pink though...

any comments and help will be appreciated! thanks!



I loveeeeeeee the blue/grey colors... I think, if you got a little lighter on the saturation, you could paint all four walls.


Your red color is soooooooooooooo beautiful!


AH!!!! Let me help!!!!
Billy is out of town ALL weekend, AGAIN, so I have nothing to do. Let's get together and we will nail this down! I'll bring my Behr paint deck. I have some great ideas already!!!

Beth Dunn

I like the idea of just doing the one wall--it will highlight the bedding but not make the room too too. I like the lighter color husband picked out for the office (it is always a little darker when it dries) best of luck! xoxo


5 years later.. I am in a dilemma between the same - Ruby and California poppy for a front door on a light red brick house...looking for photos of those colors especially on doors... do you have any?