Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Office - and "PUMPing that iron!"

In honor of tonight's new OFFICE - watch this...

I kind of want to have my own bobble-head now - haha!

Also, I have a funny story to share:

I went to visit my Mom at her work for lunch today. She works at the high school that my brothers WENT too - they are both in college now. My youngest just started as a freshman and played football while in high school. Well, he's really "tight" with the football coaches at the school still. So, they let him come use the gym's weight equipment anytime he wants. Lucky guy :) haha - Coaches love him (and spoil him) :)

Well anyways, I'm eating lunch with mom and leave her office to head to work. I work 1:30p-10p (I know weird hours)... And while I'm walking out this teacher said - "HEY! where are you going, let me see your student id..."

Now, I get this ALL the time. The ladies at the front desk try and get me in trouble for bringing in outside food - people think I'm a student when I go visit my mom... but - I knew this teacher and they were just messing with me. So... in return I said "haha, I'm not a student here".

There were seniors with the teacher selling senior t-shirts, and this is what happened:
(and I hope you can hear senior girl#1's voice :))

senior girl #1: "oh giiirrrll, so you don't go to school here?"

me: "haha, no, I've been out of high school for QUITE a while now, why don't you guess my age" (because I seriously get this every time I go to that school!)

senior girl #1: "no, really how old are you??!"

me: "well you have to guess"

senior girl #1: "no, that's ok" (did she not want to upset me? how old did she think I was??)

me: "well, I'm 25"

senior girl #1: "oh wow, you're 25!??" (I don't know what she meant by this, good or bad?)

***this whole time there's another convo going on***

teacher: "guess whose daughter this is?"

senior girl #2: "whose?" (looks at me and back at the teacher)

teacher: "Mrs. ___'s daughter!"

senior girl #2: "oh my gosh yea!"

me: "yea, everyone says we look alike"

senior girl #2: "yea you do!"

***chiming in***
senior girl #1: "ooOOoo, so you're Alan's [my bro] sister!? Alan's your brother?!"

me: "haha yes, I guess you know him?"

senior girl #1: "ooOOoo yea girl, I saw him yesterday in the weight room - ooOOoo, he was pumping some iron!!" (all while she makes a bench press motion)

me: "haha, ok, so do you like him or something" (I was just seeing if she'd get shy...)

senior girl#1: "ooOOoo yea girl, he was PUMPing that iron" (haha oh my)

me: "ok, well I'll have to tell him you saw him, but I don't know your name" (thinking she wouldn't give it to me anyways...)

senior girl #1: "haha ooOOoo yea, tell him I'm Cameron and that I saw him in the weight room gettin' his work-out ON!"

me: "haha, alright I will"

***I walk out the door and I just immediately burst into laughter... this girl had no shame in "liking" my brother... she told me flat out she liked him, flat out what her name was, and flat out said ooOOoo like everytime she spoke - haha!

So, I tell my mom this story and she says:

mom: "Brittney, you can't tell him this!"

me: "Why not!? haha!"

mom: "Because!!!"

me: "Cause, he'll get a big head!?"

mom: "YES!"

haha... oh little brother of mine! haha! I couldn't help but share :)