Monday, September 21, 2009

THE bedroom furniture and DECORATING!!!

If you didn't get to see my crazy story about our bedroom furniture - go here!

But - as promised... here are photos of our bedroom furniture!
I should've taken pictures of us actually getting the furniture - but then, my camera would be DRENCHED!!!
yea, we had to get the furniture on the day when it RAINED THE MOST! It hasn't rained here LITERALLY since our wedding day - maybe once...
Texas (especially central TX) has been in the worst drought it's ever seen...
we would have to get it on that day.
Let's just say that it looked like that I had just jumped in a pool - fully clothed!
we were sopping wet!!

ok, here goes...

haha - laughable considering we were living out of suitcases... on a double bed (which we've been sleeping on since we got married, at my parents house and now here) with a measly blanket - haha!

now this...
AFTER (with a little more work to come - ie paint)
It is HUGE!
I seem to have some weird spots on my camera :/

Also that Saturday, I had my dad and brother (along with his friend) over for waffles :) we used our waffle maker that a wonderful friend gave us - thanks Court!!! they were really yummy. My dad helped us take apart our toilet (so I could finished painting the bathroom - behind the toilet) and he helped us replace our kitchen faucet. The faucet we did have only sprayed like half-power of what it should've. It took FOREVER to fill up a bucket to mop. Now, the one we have is prettier and works great!

this is the FIRST meal that I have been able to cook for my husband, and to cook in my very first and very own kitchen :) It was so fun and I can't wait for the many more meals to come...
Chicken Parmigiana :)


Also, we had taken a few things back to Kohl's for store credit (and also had a gift card left from a wedding present)
Well, I saw an ad in a paper saying that this past Saturday was "early bird special" So, I convinced Derik to go that morning and he was ALL for it - I was impressed :)

We got a GREAT deal on some of these items!
Everything was 40% off OR MORE!

Here are the additions to the living room :)
These are actually supposed to be hung vertically, but we did our HGTV thing and hung them however we wanted - which was horizontal :) They are these metal wall art hangings - 55% off!!!

We also got a coffee table centerpiece (well any table centerpiece - we chose to put it there) and it's a tray with candles on it - 50% off!!!

I also need to add that we put a gorgeous clock in the kitchen leading into our bedroom... but I don't have a pic of that either. gorgeous clock - 40% off!!!

We also needed to get a blender and found one for $24.99 - I used it the other day and I like it a lot! :)

Derik was gone for Football practice and I had some fun decorating... he was so proud of what I did and very impressed! he said I should be an interior designer - ha!

I already had all of these things stored in my closet at my parent's home... but I unpacked them and put them on the window sill. (and I've since changed it around some)

Here's what I did in our bathroom (notice it is FINALLY all painted!)
PRETTY! :) and I already had all of these items as well!

After all that I did Sunday evening... Derik wanted to have some fun and put up my collection of crosses... man, I didn't know I had that many!

I like I like :0
Here is our "M" that I bought last summer after we were engaged... I loved it and always was waiting to FINALLY put it in the place we live - well, here it is :) (I put these up Sunday afternoon too)

YAY for decorating...
Lots has been going on, but it's been SO fun!
next post will be about a possible bedroom color, and I need your opinion on it! k!? k.



Brittney...Your house looks SO precious and VERY homey! I am glad that you and your husband - I love typing that :) - are getting settled into your house and making it a home! Love ya girlie!


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The decorating you have done looks great (so does that chicken parmigiana....yummy)!

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